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how do I lose weight at home without any equipment or special diet things?

I want to lose 10 pounds quickly. I’ve heard other people say that the first 10 pounds came off quickly, but it was hard losing the rest. I ONLY want to lose 10 pounds. Is there a way to lose weight at home in a week with not a lot exercising or special diets? I really want to loose it before school. Is there like a time to eat that lowers weight gain? Please help!!!!! I’m 13 BTW.

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5 Responses to “how do I lose weight at home without any equipment or special diet things?”

  1. Xanven said :

    Drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

  2. lynnt004 said :

    If you do this in a healthy way your more likely to keep off the weight, I would suggest buying an exercise DVD, buying weights, kettlebell, comcast on demand has free exercise videos

  3. champion said :

    i definitely agree with him

  4. ~¤Funshine¤~ said :

    I typically wouldn’t recommend this but I know there is a ton of hype over a colon cleanse. The average weight they say you can loose is 10lbs. May be worth looking into. Don’t go for some bogus scam, talk to your doctor about it if he/she thinks it can work for you then they will likely have one in mind that is healthier.

    Best of luck =)

  5. Stacy-here said :

    It’s a new year and you have probably made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But most people will make this resolution, stick to it for a week or two, and then fall back into their prior bad eating habits. So what is the answer to sticking with a weight loss program? Finding the one that works for you. Read on to uncover a few tips that will help you choose the right weight loss program.

    The right fat weight loss program will not necessarily be a quick weight loss program. You might be thinking you want to lose weight quickly. However, many quick weight loss programs do not show you how to get rid of excess fat. This is why many people gain back the weight they lost after going on these diets.

    Unfortunately if you are not on a healthy diet and working out properly it will eat away at your muscles before your fat. This is just another important reason as to why you should be careful with the diet you chose and you should look into weight loss program reviews. The wrong diet plans could actually end up making your weight worse if it tries to use this method in the wrong way.

    We go through a lot of things as we live our lives everyday. We face challenges in our environment. We get exposed to toxins and pollutions. Sometimes it is not easy to get what we want in terms of physical fitness, and speaking of weight loss, exercise and drinking plenty of water may not be enough to some people. In this case, they would need the help of a product that will make them achieve their goals and at the same time, keep them strong and healthy.


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