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how do i lose my stomach fat without losing weight on the rest of my body?

iam 32 years old 5″6 and i weigh 140 lb. iam slim built and i am
beginning to get a fat stomach. i have been skinny all of my life
but now iam gainning weight and it looks ugly on my tommy
what kind of exersices can i do to lose just my tommy and not
the rest of the weight on my body. iam already slim and
i dont want to lose weight any where else accept my stomach
help any ideas?

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12 Responses to “how do i lose my stomach fat without losing weight on the rest of my body?”

  1. BaNe_aCoNiTe said :

    wear one of those work out waist straps and run

  2. yardbird_24 said :

    abs diet says to eat lean protein like fish and nuts along with drinking water and of course doing sit ups and core workouts, avoid alcohol, an unhappy liver leads to fat in the belly along with stress. hope that helps! good luck….

  3. nostradamus02012 said :

    sorry to say – not a thing in the world.

    there is nothing that can direct where fat is lost on your body.

    all you can do is start an exercise program that makes sure that you burn more calories than you take in.

    don’t be taken in by b.s. advertisments – there is no way to direct the losing of fat from one part of your body over another.

    you can target where you build muscle, but now where the fat goes from…

  4. patrone07 said :

    don’t think it is possible to only lose weight in a certain area of the body. the best way is to avoid sugary foods and fast foods. good luck.

  5. Debbie S said :

    Crunches and sit ups. Side bends. Exercises that use abs only. Target the area and tone it.

  6. lizard said :

    an ab roller, push-ups and side turns should all help. try using a slendertone to define the muscle too.

  7. Googlyworm said :

    Hey don’t worry about it.
    A little love handle never hurt anybody!

    If your really bothered, try sit ups. It’s a lot of work though.
    Why bother?

  8. mitsuhime said :

    I would do crunches every day, before you go to sleep or when you wake up. To stretch your abs you might wanna lay on your stomach in a push up position and fully extend your arms (don’t actually do a push up). But you shouldwatch out because the fat you’re gaining might mean that your matabolism is slowing down.

  9. Acting and Dancing said :

    Do an aerobic excercise. Run or jog or walk or dance or swim or do whatever, but make sure it is for 15+ minutes becasue after that you are usually past using your carbs for energy and start burning fat. That should help, but usually you cant really lose weight on just your stomach but since that is where most of the fat seems to be it will probably reduce mostly the stomach, but other places with be reduced along with it. Sorry, but you can’t really just focus on getting rid of fat in just one part of the body. Hope that helps!

  10. jas said :

    do crunches

  11. lv_consultant said :

    it is physiologically impossible to localize fat loss through diet and/or exercise. fat loss occurs all over the body or it doesn’t occur at all.

    doing crunches, sit-ups, etc. do not have a localized effect on fat loss.

    the fact that you are gaining fat in your abdominal region is a bad sign that your insulin sensitivity is decreasing. when insulin sensitivity decreases more nutrients getting transported into fat cells than into muscle cells. this usually occurs when activity levels drop and/or the caloric intake is more than the body needs

  12. Louise said :

    You need to tone this part of your body, sits ups every day. Lots of water to drink.


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