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How to lose weight without losing my muscles?

I’m trying to lose weight, but I read that going on a crash diet will make my body burn my muscles in order to get energy. I’m also, at the same time, try to gain muscle.
What should I do to accomplish both goals?

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight without losing my muscles?”

  1. Chuck G said :

    A sensible diet, along with weight lifting and cardio.

  2. gerboaboy said :

    Eat less carbs and fat – lots of lean protein and lots of aerobic exercise. like running 5 to 10 miles a day or 1 hour on aerobic machines like treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer.

  3. kellifromkeller said :

    Obviously lifting will help you…

    Have you looked into the man’s diet? Its a high protein and fat low carb eating regimen, My BF is currently doing this with a few modifications and he has leaned out so much and his muscles and are big and just popping out, He looks good (obviously I am a little biased as to how good he looks but he really is getting lean and cut). <-- that has all the info you need for it... also has great articles and a forum section that might be helpful to you

  4. dubmaster07 said :

    well you can lose weight and maintain and gain a little muscle, but u can’t all lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, it’s cause the chemicals in our bodies that deal with fat are the same ones that deal with muscle. so u have to focus on the fat first. do cardio, mostly HIIT cardio(look it up, save times and the metabolism boost lasts longer than just jogging, its also more fun). Do the Hiit cardio every other day, it’s bad for ur body to do it twice in a row. But on those “off” days is the perfect time to do weight lifting, if u haven’t worked out seriously before or for a long time then you’ll gain muscle for the first month or so while losing weight too, but after that it stops and u can only focus on one, so once u pass that stage, if u just change up ur routine, like doing cycling classes at a gym instead of the running, and keep up the weight training, you’ll lose fat and maintain the muscle u gained from those first two months. go to for tons of info, and read this: to understand some things a little more

  5. Kristen A said :

    Usually Most Kids need to have fun to want to loose weight , im 15 and i hate it . i also want to loose weight , wanna know how i did it last year ?

    Do you have a playstation 2 ?! well i do and i got the game DDR (dance dance revolution), i would play that ALL day with my friends ,
    and that made me sweat Alot! and i would drink nothing but water .
    than you can keep going . try it , its easy a fun ! ! ! ! !

    heres a liittle diet thingie . . . .if you wanna drop food from your diet like breakfast lunch dinner , i have to say ALWAYS eat breakfast (they call it breakfast for a reason) when you are sleeping , your in a process called Fasting , where you do not eat , (if you do not eat your food after sleeping, your still fasting , and is verharmfulll to your body)
    so every morning please break that fasting . PLUS my health teacher said if you do not eat in the morning , you gain more weight .
    for breakfast , have a all grain cereal a piece of fruit and a glass of milk .for lunch eat atat leastne piece o fruit and like a ham sandwich.
    for dinner have a piece of meat the size of your palm and veggies or whatever (im not pro)

    maybe tyake a dance class! that would help . ( plus you will be amazing at dancing all cause of that DDR .

  6. Brian Thein said :

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