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How do I lose weight without losing my curves?

I love my body, but I do have some extra weight I would like to lose. I just want to tone my stomach and my thighs but I want to keep my breasts.

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2 Responses to “How do I lose weight without losing my curves?”

  1. loppynahah said :

    try the Reset from usana.
    it’s a five day fiber cleanser. cleans out your colon and gets rid of your wastes. its guaranteed to lose at least 5-10lbs the first time you use it. the food is pretty good. comes with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes…. and lemon scone bars and chocolate bars… and five day supplements. the food is really really good…especially the chocolate bar… tastes like a candy bar. but yeah..this wouldnt lose your curves or anything..well im not sure but i still have mine lol. iono just check it out. i’m not good at explaining stuff but i just know this is better than diet pills and whatever. those diet stuff only loses weight for a while and then it all comes back. this isnt a diet, its a lifestyle change and is very healthy. read about it hahaha.

  2. Jud B said :

    You must know something about weight loss.

    A balanced diet and a simple exercise regimen and no it won’t affect your bust.


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