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How do I lose weight off of my stomach without losing weight anywheres else?

I was recently on a basic diet (eat healthy exercise) thinking that if I did that and some situps every night that i would lose weight off of my stomach but instead I lost weight off of my butt and legs. I just want to lose like 5 pounds off of my stomach but no wheres else? any exercises and how many days a week should I use these exercises?

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4 Responses to “How do I lose weight off of my stomach without losing weight anywheres else?”

  1. Katrina R said :

    You can’t target fat loss on a specific part of your body. That means that if you want to lose the weight off of your stomach you’ll have to lose weight everywhere. And doing situps are just for gaining abdominal muscles, not losing fat on your stomach. Sorry, I know that this isn’t the answer you wanted but that’s the only way.

  2. E.D. said :

    You can’t spot lose. You have an apple body type, and you can’t change that. What you need to do is heavy weights to build up your legs/butt, and keep doing what you’re doing. And never consider eating healthy and exercising a diet. If that’s the case then you won’t have any success. Eating healthy should be normal. A diet is something you should do temporarily, for temporary results.

  3. Weightloss said :

    Doing sit ups properly is a good start. You can find many youtube videos that show you how to properly do sit ups. Also, diet and calorie intake is very important. I’ve pasted some info below:

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  4. Content said :

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