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How can i lose fat without losing weight?

I am about 5’8″ 150 pounds and i play football. I am pretty fit and skinny but i have some unwanted fat. I need to know a way to lose the fat but not lose weight.

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6 Responses to “How can i lose fat without losing weight?”

  1. siiri_luukin said :

    Do cardiovascular exercise to burn off the fat, and do some weight lifting and resistance activities to build up muscle mass so your weight will not decrease.:)

  2. Gabe said :

    If you do alot of weight training, you will replace the fat with some muscle. but you have to still do running to lose the fat

  3. Be More said :

    Look to put about a 50 calorie deficit in your diet. This should allow you to maintain lean body mass and trim fat. This of course would be in addition to your strength training and cardio. This is what I’m doing and it’s working wonderfully (I’m 5’6″ 150lbs). Also, make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet and that your proteins are lean (cut back on red meat, eat more chicken and fish). Also, egg whites are a great source of protein (but don’t eat the yolks).

  4. Midwest Dummy Man said :

    heavy weight training and protein shakes

  5. Sasha L said :

    wow, isn’t it amazing how people don’t read??

    First of all, I understand what you mean about not wanting to weigh any less. so basically, you want to build up muscle. doing activities that build up muscle rather than more arobic activities.

    As you are building muscle, the fat will go away. muscle ways more than fat, so you can be smaller and weigh more.

  6. zoso_thomas said :

    Slowly to answer your question.
    The human body can loose fat much easier than it can build muscle. Example: if you create a deficit of 500 calories a day, in 7 days you would have lost (if you diet correctly and eliminate the excess sugar and carbs that turn into sugar if not used) 1 lb of fat. The human body can with a perfect diet containing 1 gram of protein per pound daily(the thing that muscles use to build themselves) gain around .75-1lb of muscle a week. Keep in mind that you need to work out daily not 3 times a week to achieve this 1lb of muscle.

    You will loose some weight invariably as you increase the muscle mass because you will then burn more calories just to survive. Also, you will want to eat 5-6 250-300 calorie meals. What this will do is increase your metabolism which your body will then be able to process the calories more efficiently. Not just sugar and fat but protein as well to get to rebuilding those muscles. Good luck

    Also, remember to keep your pad level lower than your opponent. Size is easily negated when you have the better leverage.


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