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How do I get my butt fatter and my stomach flatter without losing weight?

I want a booty like Buffy but dont have the bankroll to pay any $ for it.I want my belly flatter and after 4 kids its not that bad but how can I do this without losing any weight?If I have to lose weight then how do i gain it back or build muscle while fattening the booty?No weight loss with a fat end and flatter front.

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2 Responses to “How do I get my butt fatter and my stomach flatter without losing weight?”

  1. becky b said :

    wow, i don’t think i have ever known anyone that wanted to fatten their booty! ha!
    my two children were spread out over 7 years so i didn’t have the same experience that you did. i know of no way to fatten one part and reduce the other but you can “build” one part while reducing the other. squats work awesome to reduce the fat in your butt but build muscle and that would make for better tone also. at the same time you do squats, hold your stomach in. that worked awesome for me! when i was driving, i would do keigles (sp) and hold my stomach in. it takes time, but it all really does work. do the keigles for ten second intervals and hold your tummy in at the same time. do this repeatedly everyday. do it while, watching tv, walking, driving, vacuuming, WHILE DOING EVERYTHING! no one will even know that you are doing it!

  2. Steve L said :

    Booty Like Buffy

    Sounds like a good name for a woman movie ; )

    Not sure that is possible Mrs. W. Seems like you would actually have to build up the muscles in you booty to make it hang out more.


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