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How can i lose body fat percentage without losing weight?

I am 14 years old, 117 pounds, and at 31% body fat (according to an online calculator [navy formula]). I don’t feel very healthy at this level and I know that I cannot eat many calories without gaining weight. I try to consume 1200 calories a day and burn off 200 by running. I don’t think I’m getting enough vitamins each day but I’m afraid that if I eat more I’ll gain body fat. What can I do to increase muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage?

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One Response to “How can i lose body fat percentage without losing weight?”

  1. Stay_Frosty said :

    Online calculators are not a very good indication of body fat. Visit a doctor and ask him to measure it for you. He will do it far more accurately. Building muscle requires you to lift weights. Combining the cardio workout and lifting weights will allow you to gain muscle mass and reduce fat. You can NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER gain muscle mass and lose fat in a healthy way if your diet is not good. Think of it as a triangle in which one side is healthy eating, one side is lifting weights and the other side is cardio. If you break one side then the whole thing falls apart and you won’t get anywhere. Good luck.


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