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How can i lose fat off my legs without building bulky muscle?

i recently had a baby and am really keen to lose the baby weight. unfortunatly due to a thyroid problem at the moment i cant do any major dieting. i want to lose the weight from my thighs, bum and tum area but i dont want to build bulky muscle pls help.

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8 Responses to “How can i lose fat off my legs without building bulky muscle?”

  1. Mr.Longrove said :

    Do high reps of squats and lunges with no weights. Jogging would probably help also.

  2. Dave87gn said :

    Building bulky muscle is a MYTH, it is impossible for a woman to get bulky….unless they use steroids

  3. HealthyNutSmile4theCamera said :

    First off congrats on the baby 🙂

    I think I can help you even with your thyroid problem. Let me give you some food and mini work out tips you can start.

    I’m a Vegetarian and I’m super thin, and I always have a lot of protein, and I hate tofu loll …and I have tons of snacks to choose from

    I bareeeely work out ….and I’ve never had a belly, big thighs, or big butt SO Listen k? I’m pretty much perfect-its not cocky,i just am…

    Walk Walk Walk! and walk some more…its actually better than running….running makes your ankles weak over time. Do you want that when your older? I don’t think so. I actually do the bike, which is amazing…the faster you petal the more calories you burn….the belly is actually burning fat b/c you are sweating. Not a lot of ppl. know that walking on treadmill/bike/or walking outside burns fat around the mid section…but it is so true. ALSO IMPORTANT: Do not use incline k? b/c your thighs will get bigger…try little to no resistance!! 🙂 Walking also will burn the extra surrounding fat that is covering muscles (underneath it)…so definitely do a lot of carido. Try sit ups too like 2 to 3 times a week to make abs show quicker!

    Being a vegetarian or even one that eats red meat or dairy like ONCE IN AWHILE is the best to be one because you are healthy as a horse and you won’t have that excess fat and food inside your intestines that most red meats do.

    Look, alright, I’m not trying to promote becoming a vegetarian, but here me out k?

    Here’s what I eat and my protein is perfect and I’m super healthy and have tons of snacks to choose from

    Having a high protein diet is good in loosing fat, because the more protein is in a food item the less total fat and calories from fat!

    I eat lots of beans (Lima, Soy, red kidney, black, navy- RAW; never in can(but that is just my choice-if you wanted canned its NOOOO PROBLEM)

    Try Quinoa too, you can find it in your grain, beans, or nut aisles

    I also eat lots of salad with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, carrots-yum yum!

    The entire kosher aisle has manyyyy products to munch on!

    Also, Some Kashi products are great to snack on!

    Try Edamame too!- tons of protein and tastes delicious! (Veggie section even though it’s a bean loll)

    Dairy (if you eat it): cheese-I’d suggest you go for this yogurt called “Fage 0” or “Chobani” yogurt (it has about 15 grams of protein in it I believe)… Ummm lets see, what else? Theres Goat cheese and ALL goat products which I consider to eat if my protein is too low (but that is rare b/c I usually get my protein in evvveryday.

    ALL vegetables are fun and easy to cook-I like broccoli, asparagus, yams, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower-and you can do whatever you want with it (fry, boil, steam, baked…etc.)

    Have you ever heard of Matzo’s? they are crackers that have 4 grams of fat per serving (1) and only has 21 grams to 27 grams of Carbs in it depending on which version you get. BUT make sure you get the 100% whole wheat ones ya know?-just to be the healthiest. There is also absolutely no sugar in it either (sugar if not burned turns into fat btw)…..
    The calories range from like 90 to 140 calories too! Oh, did I mention they are extremely delicious!? (Kosher aisle)

    Mott’s applesauce, no added sugar is one of my favorite things to eat too!
    You can find organic applesauce too which provide different flavors without added sugar
    All “no added sugar” products are phenomenal

    NOTE: BEEF, Oh my god -it is very bad for you and does not leave your intestine for months and months (look it up on internet…it’s the worse food for you-unless used in moderation and VERY VERY small portions)

    Brown rice or even white rice is great too
    Miso soups are fantastic as well as any other soups (especially the ones with very little sodium)

    Fruit is ALWAYS a great snack at night!

    Ok, that’s all I can think about now off the top of my head, if you need to know anymore then just message me k?

    Take care

    (I know I went on a rampage here, but I honestly hope this helps!)


  4. Luis said :

    Stop eating a lot of food only eat three small meals a day

  5. Rick R said :

    eat veggies

  6. Clay C said :

    Unfortunately it is not possible to spot reduce. As you lose bodyfat you will lose it all over including your face, hips, legs, torso, etc. The fat that was stored last will drop first, and problem areas are likely to go last. Weight train and eat extra protein if you can if you are losing weight. This will maintain your muscle mass since your body will want to lose a little muscle along with the fat when you are losing weight. Good luck!

  7. seriphos2201 said :

    whatever you do, don’t listen to “healthynutsmileforthecamera”

    just because she took the time to type all that info doesn’t mean it’s not BS.

    I’ve helped hundered of clients lose bodyfat and gain muscle. You, as a woman, will never buld “bulky muscle” unless you used some form of testosterone injection.

    You need to learn how to lift weights. Go speak to a reputable personal trainer in your area.

    and for god’s sake go eat an animal.

  8. The Wild Man said :

    Try the Baby Jack workout it really works


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