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How to lose fat on thighs and legs without gaining muscle?

I think I need to lose fat on my thighs and legs I’ve tried lots of things to lose fat there like squats, jump rope, running/jog, leg lifts but it makes my legs muscly but stay large
ps: I’ve tried diets and they don’t work and give me good answers

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5 Responses to “How to lose fat on thighs and legs without gaining muscle?”

  1. Artemis said :

    I’ll be honest with you, doing all those leg exercises would normally do the opposite of what you want

    Those exercises don’t make you lose fat on your legs, they build the muscle on them. Makeing your legs look even bigger because you still have that layer of fat!

    You need to do daily cardio to lose weight, running, jogging, brisk walking, sports, jump rope, anything that raises your heart rate enough

    Don’t go on a diet, change what you eat for life, eat whole grains, vegetables, lay off the soda/chips/chocolate/takeout anything like that

    If you’re not doing cardio and eating healthy it’s all for nothing.

    You see why those exercises made your legs stay large? because they don’t remove the fat! go for a run for 30-60 minutes every morning and you will lose fat all over in time

  2. GOODD said :

    You can target tone your legs by doing leg lifts and a lot of reps with only a little weight. However, to lose fat you need to lose fat over your whole body. So you’d need a good cardio routine, a workout to target your lower body (such as yoga) and a good diet.

  3. Cami said :

    to lose weight you must gain muscle. so now that you have built some then the weight loss begins. try to stick to aerobic exercises such as walking, running…anything that will build a sweat. make sure you eat lots of small meals during the day to keep up your metabolism and energy.

  4. aquarius said :

    muscly legs are good, you can outrun other people during the zombie apocalypse

    Z War: Not if, but when

  5. ukgirl said :

    My legs are the things I mostly get embarresed about even though I’m thin my brain
    keeps telling me I’m fat what can I do??


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