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How to lose muscle mass without becoming flabby?

Ever since ive been running track…I have gained a lot of leg muscle, and i find my jeans a lot tighter. Its really annoying, I wish i can slim them down, someone please tell me what I can do. Also does anyone know if your thighs get bigger, then your hips would have to too, right?

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One Response to “How to lose muscle mass without becoming flabby?”

  1. shabankan said :

    muscle doesnt just go away like that, even if you don’t use a certain muscle it will slowllyyyyy diminish over time. the only way to get rid of muscles is if your starving yourself so your body triggers into starvation mode and burns muscle instead of fat for energy but i sure hope you never take that path, buy some new jeans! other people would kill to have muscles like yours


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