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How to lose the layer of fat over my abs without running?

So I have a lot of muscle under my small layer of fat. I eat right and lift weights. I’ve been told long distance running depletes muscle so I do not want to run. I want to gain muscle but how can I get rid of the fat over my muscle?

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5 Responses to “How to lose the layer of fat over my abs without running?”

  1. Kyle said :

    Well your kind of wrong and right with the statement you made. Just because you do long distance running doesn’t mean you will deplete muscle there are so many factors that play in. If you weren’t taking in enough calories to fuel your body and you were doing lots of long distance running then of coarse your body will use some of the muscle as fuel, but even then you would not be able to see the difference. Doing a couple of miles running or some cardiovascular training every week will help not only your over all health but this problem that you seem to have. You can also do some interval type training involving sprints. Bottom line is that your thoughts are not all correct on that matter and if you want to loose weight without running for that reason it doesn’t make sense. I would suggest changing your diet to 6 smaller meals a day, and drinking 1 gallon to 1.5 gallons a day. This will cause your metabolism to stay higher throughout the day helping loose that little belly fat. Increasing your training intensity will also help try metabolic training using more full body lifts which will not only burn more calories, raise metabolism, but it is known to increase natural test. levels and HGH which is what are body uses to support muscle growth. There’s so many ways to go about it all if you have any questions message me and good luck.

  2. menshealthonline said :

    Running is the most effective calorie and fat-burning exercise for your time. All running does not need to be done at a steady-state pace for 45 minutes, interval training is an excellent way to burn fat, increase speed and enhance agility.

    But interval training’s benefits don’t end with heart health, fat incineration, or the preservation of that most precious of commodities, your time, your muscles will learn to contract more forcefully. Ultimately you’ll live longer, too, because intervals elevate the good cholesterol that makes your arteries whooshing streams and not plaque-strewn rapids.

    Below is a 4 circuit workout, but you can look at the complete workout in the Men’s Health running center that is located in the sources. It is filled with great info on running to reveal your abs and other abs workouts.

    Circuit 1
    Do 5 rounds, then rest for 2 minutes.

    Sprint on a treadmill at 10% gradient or use a stairclimber – 40 sec
    Dumbbell squat (in rounds 1, 3, and 5 only) – 10 reps
    Body-weight squat (in rounds 2 and 4 only) – 20 reps
    In round 1, do a front bridge – 40 sec
    Rd 2: Side bridge on left arm – 40 sec
    Rd 3: Side bridge on right arm – 40 sec
    Rd 4: Front bridge – 40 sec
    Rd 5: Hold bottom of a pushup – 40 sec

    Circuit 2 Do 3 rounds, then rest for 2 minutes.

    Run or climb at top speed – 80 sec
    Rest – 20 sec
    Pushup – 30 sec
    Dumbbell bent-over row – 10 reps

    Circuit 3
    Do 4 rounds, then rest for 2 minutes.

    Run or climb at top speed – 60 sec
    Single-leg rotation squat – 5 reps/leg
    Ab exercise of choice – 60 sec

    Circuit 4
    Do 3 rounds, then stop.

    Run or climb at top speed – 40 sec
    Rest – 40 sec
    Hold bottom of a pushup – 40 sec

  3. Kevin said :

    I tried many different workout programs, this is the most effective with belly fat burning and building up muscles. I have been on it for over two months now, the result is great. I am actually building up some ‘washboard’ abs as my gf refered to. Check out the free report here..

  4. ThaMan said :

    Found some free tips here

  5. Jacinto Hofford said :

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