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How do I lose wright in my thighs without gaining muscle?

I’m 13 and I don’t like the way my thighs look they’re kinda chubby! I wanna make them skinny but not gain a lot of muscle because I heard that when you gain muscle your thighs get bigger from the muscle. I need my thigha to get smaller not bigger haha… Please help!! Thanks (:

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6 Responses to “How do I lose wright in my thighs without gaining muscle?”

  1. ! said :

    The MOST important thing is to eat naturally..without medicines, chemicals, “starving” your self etc.

    first, it would be best for you to eat as healthy as possible..this will also help you considerably to lose weight gradually and naturally..

    eat fresh fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of WATER..avoid all cokes, caffeines, smoking, alchohol etc. as these also add weight as well as they contain chemicals which disturb your natural bio rythmns as well as brain chemistry. try not to eat too much meat, and the meat you should eat should be “lean meat” such as steamed chicken and rice, or steamed fish with rice..and vegetables,, this should be your staple diet rice and vegetables with fruits..AVOID “JUNK FOOD” and “Fast Food” as this type of food is very unhealthy, lacking in vitamins really and has plenty of fattening molecules which make one gain weight and is not good .

    if you snack,, try fruits with yogurt or fruit yogurt and nuts.. nuts are very healthy for your body .and contain proteins.

    go for walks every evening or morning or whenever you get time each day for 1 hour or 2 hours..make this somewhere you enjoy walking even if you have to drive a bit to there..and make this a daily will enjoy it once you get into it ..and it makes you feel great after..just walking for 1 hour or 2 hours.

    if you do this..every day for one month should lose around 10 pounds (.714 stone) per month until you get to your natural healthy weight.. look up on the internet for an idea of what your weight for your height should be ..and when you get to this weight,,your body will look very nice and you will feel very good.

    10 pounds (.714 stone ) each month in 3 months you should lose 30 pounds (2 stones, 2 pounds)..for sure…but no junk food and dont drink alcohol or smoke, dont eat junk..just healthy food with vitamins and walking 1 hour or 2 hours every day..and drink plenty of water..this is guaranteed way to lose weight naturally and for good, if you stick to this, which you should,,as it makes you feel so much more positive due to the vitamins and lack of chemicals making you feel depressed…

    btw, forgot to mention,,just in case you dont know how to really make healthy a “food steamer” at your local deparment store..they are very cheap and work very well as buy a “rice cooker” which is also very cheap..eating rice is a great way to get your necessary carbs “healthy carbs” to lose weight and has lots of natural energy inside. you can buy asian rice at most large supermarkets or if you have a local oriental market..they sale quality asian rice.. thai or indian rice is good “jasmine rice”.. buy corn or canola oil to sprinkle on vegetables or rice before steaming to add to taste as well as you can buy several nice spices like “cumin” or “Curry powders”, etc.just sprinkle on the vegetables before steaming to give nice taste.

    drink “Green Tea” as this is very healthy and helps burn extra fat faster…you can buy quality green tea at most oriental shops or large supermarkets as well

  2. John Oal said :

    Try jogging, combined with water drinking and proper diet, based on fruits and vegetables. Also, eat 5-6 times per day – smaller meals – to boost your metabolism up. Good luck,John.

  3. shannon★ said :

    You want to tone your thighs. This is done by losing fat as well as adding muscle. Muscle condenses your legs… basically unless your like a body builder your legs won’t get bigger! I suggest running at least a mile 4 to 5 times a week, and doing squats and lunges every other day. This will tone your legs and give you great results!

    *when you do the squats and lunges, remember not to bend your knees over your toes!

  4. Ellen said :

    Gaining muscle is healthy and will help you to lose body fat! Doing exercises like aerobics, muscle building and pilates is a good way to go. Simple exercises you can do at home are:
    These exercises are easy to learn and you can easily build your reps up each time you do them. You can buy DVD’s, magazines or watch on TV or online to learn about yoga and how to do it yourself. You could also attend classes at your local gym!

    Eating a well balanced and healthy diet is also important when combined with exercise to help you lose weight. Balanced meaning all food groups from carbohydrates to fats, fruits and veg, meats and fish etc. It is important you control what your eating and how much your eating. The reason people gain weight these days is because they are overeating. Aim to eat 4-6 small meals per day to keep your blood-sugar levels and metabolism rate high throughout the day, meaning you will be constantly converting food into energy father than it all converting into body fat and making you gain weight. This way you will lose weight and also have more energy. A good idea is to also cut out processed sugars like cake, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, energy drinks and so on, along with cutting out caffiene.

  5. I am Schnitz said :

    Well, for girls that age, you’re supposed to be getting bigger thighs, it’s perfectly natural. Skinny thighs may seem fashionable I suppose, but guys don’t like them skinny (curves are the keyword here)! Don’t worry about it, there’s no need to.

  6. Belly Fat Fighter said :

    Keys to Losing Fat and Maintaining Muscle…

    Our blogs are similar and cover a lot of the same topics so I am sending a track back to your site so that my readers will know to check it out. Thanks for the great information….


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