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Exercises to get fat off thighs and butt without gaining muscle?

I have a large amount of fat on my thighs and butt, but I do not want to gain muscle in those areas. All I want to do is to lose the fat. How do I do that without gaining muscle areas on my butt and thighs? Exercises please.

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4 Responses to “Exercises to get fat off thighs and butt without gaining muscle?”

  1. cryptikoder said :

    Do exercises that work those areas. But instead of doing little amount of reps at a large weight, make sure you are doing these exercises at a LARGE amount of reps, and a LITTLE amount of weight.

    So do a leg press at something like 10 pounds for 50 reps, 3 sets, every other day. 🙂

  2. yo_20_09 said :

    If you don’t wanna gain any muscle, I don’t really know what to say. But if you just want to Tone the muscles do some squats and lungs with no weights, and try some pilates leg work outs. But, doing more cardio work will help with the weight loss. But, you will also be building your muscles by doing extra work outs.

  3. niffer said :

    Spot training is not possible. In order to get fat loss you must perform cardio and endurance training exercises.

  4. iwas1ncthr said :

    Well this is hard to do. When you build muscle you burn fat. The more muscle the less fat you will deal with. The other problem you will have is if you do not have firm muscles in your glutes and thighs you will look like a board after you drop the weight. You have to shape your body to have curves.
    Cardio will work to loose the weight. Try kickboxing, that is the best advice I can give you to loose weight in that area.
    IF I were training you personally however, I would have you do squats, leg extentions, leg curls, and calf raises till the cows come home and also make you eat 5-7 small high protien meals a day. Once the muscle starts to build the fat gets burnt up as fule for the muscle. When you take in carbs the unburned portion converts to glucose wich if not used up stores as fat in our bodies. Removing carbs from you diet to a point limits your body from storeing fat. Taking in protien to aid in muscle recovery and growth helpos burn the already stored fat by building the muscle. Hope this helps I have been at the “fitness” game for about 14 years now and I am 100% natural. I have trained at least 40 wemon and have helped several to enter into fitness comps. at the national level. I know sometimes what you may read soen not sound right and often you may think its an outline for disaster but these tips have not failed for anyone who has stuck to them.


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