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how to lose fat on upper shoulders without gaining muscle?

alright so I’ve noticed i can lose weight easily but my problem is that i lose it in areas i don’t want. i want to know how can i lose “stubborn fat” on my upper arms but without gaining hard muscles either and my thighs…i cant lose the weight there but on my lower calf i can so its like I’m wearing drumsticks.. I’ve tried squats and it hasn’t really worked. help?

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4 Responses to “how to lose fat on upper shoulders without gaining muscle?”

  1. jnbcb38 said :

    Girls take longer to gain muscle then guys do(lack of testosterone) so you dont have to worry about putting on hard muscle. Just keep lowering your body fat % and it will go away eventually. Just dont lower it to an unhealthy % trying to get rid of it.

  2. Elektra D said :

    In order to not gain muscles (on any place of your body that is), you should prefer to do lighter, faster exercise and many repeats.

  3. cbr1100 said :

    Yes, arms are 9/10 times a problem for girls. Firstly, you have to be on a healthy diet. Replace all “white” carbs like white bread, -rice, -pasta, etc. with the brown/whomelmeal stuff. Very important is to have a fibre breakfast in the mornings. Don’t wait longer than 20 minutes to eat after you woke up. Drink enough water. This is 60% of a sucsessfull healthy lifestyle. The other 40% is exercise. Boxing is super cardio and works the upper arms and shoulders immensly. It doesn’t really build muscle but it does burn alot of fat, not just in your arms, believe me. This is also very very good stamina training. Along with that I’d recommend the skipping rope. If this is not for you sit a couple of sessions in on the row machine.

  4. Tara Fabulous said :

    Cardio is the only way to lose weight


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