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How can i lose belly fat without losing muscle mass?

I have been lifting at the gym for a year or so and has gained some muscle mass. However i have also gained a layer of fat around my lower abdominal. Now i know the only way to lose fat is by a combination of low calorie diet and cardio/aerobic exercises. But by doing these, it will also burn away my hard earned muscle. so i was wondering if any fitness/health experts can help me with this problem. Thanks

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2 Responses to “How can i lose belly fat without losing muscle mass?”

  1. kuato lives said :

    run like 10 minutes a day, drink a lot of water and eat healthier.

  2. Sparkleworks said :

    I’m not an expert, but I do know that you should watch the fat in the foods that you’re eating. People can do crunches all they want, but if they’re eating a lot of fat and junk, that flab won’t go away. You probably have a nice stomach underneath from working out, but you gotta watch the fat intake to help eliminate it the fat covering it.


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