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How can I lose fat fat on my thighs without putting muscle on them?

My thighs aren’t fat, but they do have unwanted fat on them, they also jiggle a bit when i walk. i don’t want to put any muscle on them because that will make them bigger and bulkier. I’m just trying to lose two jean sizes.

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3 Responses to “How can I lose fat fat on my thighs without putting muscle on them?”

  1. Erin Z said :

    Just because you do exercise doesn’t mean you will make them big and bulky. I would find some of those ankle weights and do different things with them. You will just firm it up…not be big and bulky…

  2. kayfurminatorr said :

    all you have to do is jog and do cardio, eat healthier and count calories, you should eat 1500 calories a day.

  3. carrieberry said :

    I am a little offended at your question, being an athletic muscular girl. I go jogging 1 mile evry night, and am a competitve rock-climber.

    However, my thighs don’t jiggle, and they aren’t bulky. They are just toned with a muscle cut.

    Sorry, honey, but unless you’re really overweight, the best way is exercise, or running.


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