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How can I burn fat without gaining muscle?

I’ve been running on the elliptical lately, and I feel that my legs are getting bulkier. I just want to get rid of some fat on my legs without gaining any muscle. I’ve been running on it for 30 min (around 7-8 miles) each day
Is there another way I can burn fat without gaining any muscle?

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5 Responses to “How can I burn fat without gaining muscle?”

  1. David said :

    don,t exercise. there,s no other way. i think you,re doing good. don,t go for the unrealistic expectations.

  2. Mack said :

    try jogging. you calves will get stronger though

  3. BadH2OUltra26.2 said :

    hmm, 30 min for 7-8 miles is a pace of about 4 min/mile. congratulations youve set a world record. now lets be realistic, your legs havent gotten bigger. you just think they have because perhaps they feel tired/overworked. your legs are going to change but its suppose to happen. if you want to eventually burn fat on the elliptical then your body needs to adapt to the new working environment in order to maximize its performance. that envolves reshaping the leg muscles by taking out some muscular fibers and adding in others designed for performing on ellipticals.

    look at the worlds most elite runners. NONE have what would could be considered bulky legs. bulkiness comes from competitive weight lifters not people that run at your pace on ellipticals. and i dont mean your world record pace, im of course referring to the pace you actually run which is drastically slower than what you say.

  4. Helaine Ramus said :

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  5. a2078662 said :

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