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How do i lose weight without building muscle under the fat?

I need to know how to lose weight without building muscle under the fat. I know that cardio is good…but what are some good cardio excercises? im 13 and i dont want anyone to know im trying to lose weight because its embarrassing for me…it just is. so i cant go out and buy special stuff cuz my dad s gonna want an explanation. anyways….my diet….i dont care if its healthy. i need to lose weight in lik e a week…so i know i might gain the weight back by not eating healthy…but i dont care i just need this for an occasion. i reall wanna lose weight on my stomach and my thighs. how do i do this without building muscle under my stomach?


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One Response to “How do i lose weight without building muscle under the fat?”

  1. poptartsluvrr said :

    ok look,
    the answer is very obvious- don’t eat too much!!
    think about it- the countries where people don’t stuff themselves with food, such as asia, the people are slim, and in perfect health

    today, the society is all about food
    we’re eating because the food tastes good, not because we’re hungry!
    you see food ads on tv, magazines, everywhere!
    food is everywhere, you cannot go anywhere without being offered food!
    you need to learn to resist the temptations.

    back in the older days, you didn’t eat everyday! you ate when you hunted and caught food!

    you would be perfectly fine not eating for a day, it’s actually good for you because it cleanses out your body!! all that getting a minumum of at least 1500 calories a day is BS!! you can survive perfectly fine on just 500 calories consumed from HEALTHY food. Sure, you’ll have an uncontrollable desire to eat, but trust me, you’ll LIVE.

    and all this diet crap is aimed at overweight consumers. the media suggests that anorexia is bad, all these models are dying blablahblah..that’s all just to make the normal obese american feel better!! i mean, how often do they show people dying from being overweight???

    there’s really no need to eat junk food either. it’s a waste of money, and all it does is make you fat!! think about it. twinkies and soda and chips don’t fill you up, they just taste good, which makes you want to eat more!

    look at the skinny people nowadays. they don’t constantly crave for icecream or stuff themselves with food whenever they see it.


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