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How do I get thinner legs and thighs without gaining muscle?

My legs and thighs aren’t really fat, but I wanna make then skinnier without gaining muscle. What exercises can I do to do this?
Are there any stretches and stuff like that? Maybe lunges? Anything I could do without having to go outside?

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2 Responses to “How do I get thinner legs and thighs without gaining muscle?”

  1. Gym Jock said :

    Running. Biking is excellent too – esp. outdoors. Pretty much anything that burns calories with little weight resistance will tone and define your legs.

  2. unapologet_icon said :

    Well, you could stop all forms of exercise, don’t walk much where possible and exert energy the minimal possible amount and let the muscle you actually have waste away. That would make your legs skinnier.

    Or you could do the obvious thing like walk/jog/cycle etc. to tone your legs. This will tone the muscles that are there and give a more flattering shape.


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