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How can I slim down my legs and arms without gaining muscle?

I am trying to slim down my legs and arms. I’m already kind of a muscly person and I’m sick of my arms and legs looking huge. Is there any way that I could slim the muscle down or lose the little fat that I have on them without gaining more muscle?

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3 Responses to “How can I slim down my legs and arms without gaining muscle?”

  1. Mark said :

    The fastest way to burn fat is anerobic exercise (lifting weights), but aerobic exercise will work too.

    I think the best answer to your question would be Pilataes, Yoga, or a good combination of both. Don’t forget a good diet, too.

    My opinion – The best looking girls in the gym who aren’t bulging with muscles and steroids are the ones who work hard in the weight room. Just because you’re doing some weight-lifting, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get super-ripped. Its the TYPE of workout you do that shapes your look.

  2. Mitchell said :

    Just jog on the threadmills.

  3. Caylie said :

    I’m the exact same way.
    What I did was lift weights that didn’t seem too heavy, like a 1 or 3 pound dumbell. That will help slim your arms.
    I’m not sure what the olyptical machine is for your legs is called, but if you ask a worker at a gym they will be happy to tell you and show you how to use it.
    Use one of those on the lowest setting, and use that for 10 to 15 minutes.
    Don’t be afraid to power walk, it looks a bit funny, but it really worked for me.
    If you get FitTV there are usually good workouts, DONT DO IN SHAPE WITH GILADE, he is a muscle builder which will make you look huge. But stuff like Namaste yoga really do the trick even though it is tough.
    Eat negative calorie foods such as veggies and fruits.
    If You ever have the munchies like i do. Eating baked chips they are more healthier.
    Gott segnen und gutes Glück


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