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How can I get skinnier legs without gaining muscle?

My legs are really thick because of muscle I gained from playing DDR and running a lot. there’s also some fat in them. how can I get them to look skinnier without gaining any muscle?

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8 Responses to “How can I get skinnier legs without gaining muscle?”

  1. parkfieldnr16 said :

    Cut out the carbs.

  2. PolkaDots/ said :

    do walk dont run.

  3. jasonsgirl1103 said :

    muscle is a good thing and really, anything you do is gonna give you muscle in your legs. To keep it to a minimum though, don’t lift weights on them, just stick to cardio like stair stepping, bikes and walking.

  4. Alan said :

    Run less dats the best way to reduce muscles of legs…

  5. chikcoolness said :

    not eating too many carbs and eat healthy! 5 vegies and 2 fruits + keep your body hydrated and healthy!

  6. fluff_26 said :

    i have the same problem and i have found that doing just cardio (no wieght or strength training at all for your legs) helped me. it will sound kind of weird but i think having a tan helps you look thinner too.

  7. ? said :

    dont eat get the gazelle and eat lots of vanilla ice cream,watch the bill cosby show season 5 while reading newspaper and watching long extrenuois marathons of the real world and maury. (that always works for me but im still 468 lbs. tho), and alan you need to learn to spell buddy… TOOTLES

  8. ToniieBaiibee said :

    Dont Run Just Walk And Also Do Cardio ..x


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