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How to slim down without gaining muscle?

I’m super strong from being a gymnast and I have gained some weight since I quit. I want to lose weight and lose muscle so I can be very skinny. I’m willing to do anything and fast!

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7 Responses to “How to slim down without gaining muscle?”

  1. Joshua said :

    simple, stop eating

  2. alrio2k8 said :

    I agree with Joshua :L

  3. miike said :

    just start running more and more every week. you lose weight like mofo

  4. Patrick said :

    Eat healthy and do heavy cardio. That’ll burn off all your muscle and fat.

  5. єm.lєαh.lєє said :

    Don’t lift weights. Only run. Eat smaller portions, and drink lots of water.

    Running will keep you fit and won’t make you drag yourself just to be slimmer because of losing your muscles. Water will help you flush any toxins out of you and keep you feeling great. And eating smaller portions will slim you down.

    Hope I helped!

  6. Andres Medina said :

    eating healthier

  7. ugwu chukwuka said :

    hey!! I am fat and I want to silm under two weeks. Please anybody without useful information contact me on email by [email protected] or facebook by chukwuka ugwu or my mobile no +2347066794223. Thanks as u co-perate.


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