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How do I lose fat in my legs without making my muscles huge?

I run mostly because i want my legs to get thinner, I literally want them to be very thin, they are not huge or anything just normal but the more I run the more my muscle seems to grow and they look even bigger. Is there any way to get my legs to be very thin, but not lose muscle in an unhealthy way? Or should I keep running …I have no idea? Plus I obviousy want to lose the fat in my legs too.

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3 Responses to “How do I lose fat in my legs without making my muscles huge?”

  1. Chrise C said :

    Run is best method.

  2. Vixen said :

    in order to lean out the muscle mass you most most most stretch after every run and/or cardio workout you do.

  3. gazpacho said :

    Years ago while in China, I dislocated my knee and had it plastered for about 10 weeks while I toured during summer. That leg was completely amaciated by the time I got home… I suppose that is what you want yours to look like.. but I can tell you.. I couldn’t walk for ages… the muscles are there for a purpose.

    Keep Running. Althletes have a hard time maintaining muscle mass because once the fat is depleted through rigourous training the muscles are all that is left to draw energy from and they soon deplete too. It is a difficult balance between training to gain strength and loss of strength due to lack of available fat to burn for energy.

    You could also do squats, cycle and lunges. Vixen is right.. you must stretch… it helps “iron out” the muscle.


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