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How can I help my girlfriend lose weight without making her feel bad?

She’s 20 and pretty overweight. I think it’s partially a genetic problem, but I know her eating habits are not the best. She keeps complaining about her weight and doesn’t like the way she looks. She’s also tired a lot of the time so she wants to lose the weight. I don’t know how to help her without her thinking that I don’t find her attractive.
we’re also an hour and a half away from each other

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18 Responses to “How can I help my girlfriend lose weight without making her feel bad?”

  1. jcs said :

    Offer to go to the gym with her…and start taking her to places where the food is healthier. If you let her know that you are there to help and offer advice, she might be more apt to ge the hint and do something about it on her own. But knowing you have someone else to “cheer” you on helps.

  2. baum_e said :

    She already knows she is overweight so the hard part is over. Maybe you could be her work out buddy. Whenever you get done working out with her, just tell her how you understand that it’s hard for her to work out so hard and that you are proud of her for caring about her health… stuff like that.

  3. sargeloda2001 said :

    you cant

  4. Lust_Girl said :

    well just tell her you fear for her health and work out with her. though you might be in shape it always helps having someone around to do your exceries with and it turns into fun that way she enjoys it

  5. just me said :

    go exercising with her and help her eat healthy. when you go out to dinner, take her to healthy places. tell her that you just want to amke her as happ as she can be and want her to live as long as possible.

  6. antlog2 said :

    Suggest going for walks everyday with one another. If you walk with her, it might help out some what. When I go for walks, I don’t feel so tired later on. I try to walk everyother day in the summer. Swimming is another good idea. Have fun while working out. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. I also play tennis. Find a sport she is interested in. Have fun.

  7. trrocks03 said :

    Stop feeding her.

  8. faded_shado said :

    start eating a healthy diet with her, encourage her to drink at least three liters of water a day, avoid carbs and sugars and take her for a brisk thirty minute walk every day, it will be good for both of you, a healthy bonding experience.

  9. fashionqueen said :

    go to the gym together….eat healthy together…take a class at the gym together..if u show that ur willing to work at becomin healthier too (even if u already r) then it will help motivate her too

  10. andi said :

    Listen to her… my guess is she’s hinted at things she’d like to try to lose weight but is probably so overwhelmed by the cycle of being overweight and being tired and not having the energy to get up and get moving that is helping her stay overweight, that she doesn’t know where to start.

    And on a trolling note, salads aren’t always the healthiest option. Try looking at the calorie and fat content of alot of the salads at places like applebees… a good portion of the time they are the same if not worse for you than most of the other menu items. Add any sort of creamy dressing… and that’s all folks. Eating healthy means eating smarter.

  11. marz443 said :

    best thing you can do is NEVER mention her wieght to her. Don;t comment on what she’s eating or if she’s tired. Try buying healthy foods when your out, buy a salad instead of burgers and pizzas. suggest a romantic walk in the park instead of the cinema so she can get some exercise. Sex is the best fat busting exercise there is so suggest that to her.

  12. thegirlfrommoncton said :

    Ask her to go to the mall and walk around ALL the stores…you’ll be surprised at what just that walking can do.

  13. SaMi MoE said :

    Work Out with her!Duh every girl likes when her boy does thintgs with her!
    Good Luck!

  14. chookys_ccw said :

    walk with her and go on a strict diet eat what she eats losing weight is easier when done with someone else

  15. Jessibell said :

    Tell her you dont feel healthy and want to change your lifestyle (this is where a white lie is ok). If she sees it as something you want too and not something she needs then it may be easier. She sounds smart so she will see through just about anything.. especially if she already recognizes she has a weight problem.
    If you work hard along side her and support her she wont feel bad. I would love for someone to be as considerate as you are and I am sure she will appreciate any support you offer.

  16. jamiesjammin said :

    I know how it feels I’m large too. All you have to do is say that you care for her and maybe you could join the Y. Also if she likes to eat out like me go to applebees or someplace that has great salads. that’s all I do but look at me I’m still over weight. also when you go on dates instead of chocolate go for the flowers.

  17. yorkieofmine said :

    I have a friend that got me to join a gym. He never has mentioned that I should lose weight but tells me how proud he is that I am working out. We go for walks, add More dancing, and shopping, just find things that keep you moving. Let her tell you how much she has lost never ask or don’t make her losing weight your top priority it has to b hers. Just be PROUD of what she has done. Encourage her that she looks great even if you don’t see much of a change. Encourage with compliments

  18. hotsexymind said :

    hold up a slice of pie and run. make her go after it.


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