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How do I motivate an busy overweight person to lose weight so I can help and train her accordingly?

My mother is probably a good 50 pounds overweight. She is 50 years old and at the point where it is more of a health concern to lose some pounds. Thing is – She’s super busy and wants to lose the weight magically somehow. But I tell her she must put forth some serious effort to see results. I wish she was just motivated enough to ask me to run with her or bike with her – not me basically yelling at her to workout. How can I subliminally change her attitude and her desire to lose weight?

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2 Responses to “How do I motivate an busy overweight person to lose weight so I can help and train her accordingly?”

  1. BabeHeart said :

    She’s got to want to do it for herself. No amount of yelling at her is likely to make a positive difference. In fact, the stress of being harped on about it all the time, may cause her to eat more (many overweight people are stress eaters).

    If she wants to lose weight but not actually get into a workout program, then she can cut her calories and eat healthier. No junk food or fast food, and watch the calorie intake. On top of that, do more walking…park far from the office or store and walk, take stairs instead of elevators, walk around when talking on the phone…instead of taking a break at work, take a walk, etc.

    It’s easy to incorporate 30 mins or more of activity into our day, without stopping to do a “workout”. However, the more one does, the better.

    I hope she decides it’s worth her time and effort to shed some pounds. Good luck!

  2. bin there dun that said :

    Who are you to yell at your Mom?

    I wouldn’t spend another minute with my kids if they yelled at me. Maybe that’s why they would never do that to me.

    I am 48, and need to lose 100 pounds. The reaction my kids had was total encouragement and total acceptance of who/what I am any size. They all said they love me no matter what. That was my motivator after I made the decision that I better lose weight now before my cholestrol, sugar etc. got out of control. It’s not difficult to realize the benefits of losing weight and working out, but motivation is another thing. My kids love me and are kind and loving adults…I don’t want to lose time with them because of sickness I could have prevented.

    I am having some difficulty because I am a stress eater. I am losing, but not as fast as I would if I didn’t find relief in foods that only pack the weight on. If my kids wanted to train me accordingly as you put it, I would give up AND stay away from them in my failure.

    Maybe another way of looking at it will help you to motivate yourself to behave accordingly to your mom.


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