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How should I help my overweight Chihuahua lose weight?

I rescued my Chihuahua mix from the pound last November, and found out she was pregnant. After we found homes for the puppies, we got her spayed. After that she gained about four pounds, so now she’s up to 15.6 pounds. I want to help her lose weight so she can easily walk (I worry about her little legs) What is a good dog food that will help her lose weight, but is also healthy? She’s extremely picky when it comes to food. Any suggestions?

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14 Responses to “How should I help my overweight Chihuahua lose weight?”

  1. 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 said :

    Best title for a question on Yahoo Answers!

  2. Sims Brother said :

    Feed her the same food you are now, but just make sure that your measuring it right. You could put ‘booties’ on her feet to protect them on pavement. Also get lots of toys for the house. They more play the more exercise. Hope I helped!

  3. i <3 pups said :

    I suggest you buy a brand that is meant for special diets. I know a high quality inexpensive dog food called Kirkland Super Premium Dog Food. There is a special weight care diet which may help with your dog.

    Don’t give your dog too much dog food. You may be giving a little too much.

    Don’t give scraps anymore. Scraps are the easiest way to fatten up your dog.

    If you wanna reward her, stick to praise and belly rubs, but no treats.

    Take her for a jog everyday. Have lots of play sessions that include running, jumping, and other workouts.

    Success will be when you can feel her rib cage and backbone. This is the easiest way to tell if your dog is healthy weight.

  4. Rainbow said :

    Did you know that 40-50 percent of dogs are overweight? It’s mostly because the owner wants to spoil their dog with treats and human food treats. Cut out all dog treats if you want her to loose weight. Instead, use dog friendly fruits and veggies such as carrots, mangoes, broccoli, celery, etc. Research the food first to see if it’s not poisonus to your canine. Excercise with your chihuahua, make it fun, play around with her at the park, and if you have them, with her puppies. Give her healthy dog food, it will say on the brand probably, most likely diet dog food. If your chihuahua becomes picky and doesn’t eat it, don’t feed her and just leave the bowl of dog food. Soon she will have to give in when she gets hungry.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. T J said :

    Feeding it less comes to mind. Works for both man and beast.
    Add fresh green beans if you feel that you need to add bulk to the smaller food portions. Freeze the fresh green beans for storage.

  6. NSK said :

    Feed her less and walk her more, and don’t change her food if she likes it.

  7. good person. said :

    i would consult with a vet. to c how much weight she actually needs to loose and what is a safe food and so on. and because she is a mix. she could have some other chubbier breed in her. like pug or terrier or something. so i would talk to the vet

  8. walking lady said :

    The answer isn’t in changing her food. What you need to do is cut the amount she gets daily by at least 25% and don’t give her any treats whatsoever with the exception of things like green beans or raw carrots.

    Also, more exercise. Get her out walking, throw a ball or play chase with her.

    Dogs need to lose weight just like people do – less food and more exercise. So-called diet foods don’t work because the dog’s always hungry. Feed her less and feed her 3 times a day if you can, twice a day at the least.

    To stay healthy, she needs to lose the weight slowly and steadily.

  9. MooMoo said :

    i suggest you moderate how much she eats and when she eats. in the morning Give her a bowl of food if she eats and walks away pick up the bowl so she cant go back and eat. lunch time do the same. and do the same at dinner. giving her a schedule will help her know when shes hungry. also little walks. since she is overweight long walks may not be the best but short little ones should do good. and no scraps!!!! =D hope that helps some.

  10. Luis Aguirre said :

    don’t give your dog the caned dog food that makes them really fat use kibble that dog was fat so i gave kibble and she lost weight i use royal canine and purina becaus if u give it can food they get use to it and don’t eat any thing else,and no human food that gets them really stop giving it caned food and give it kibble then the’ll get use to it

  11. Bobbie L said :

    Best thing to do, prior to putting your dog on a diet, is to have your vet run a thyroid panel. My one dog, who is overweight, half of her kibble is substituted with green beans.

  12. JenVT said :

    feed her what you are feeding her now, just less of it. if you free feed her, then stop. feed her carefully measured portions twice a day. if you can afford it, most larger cities have places where you can bring your dog to swim- it’s easier on the joints than walking. Barring that, several short walks a day are better than nothing.

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  14. Ugg Boots said :

    That’s Ok.


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