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How can I help my dog lose some weight?

My basset hounds is 12-15 pounds overweight and I want to help him lose. His last exam he was told he was overweight and actually gained six pounds. How can I help him lose a good bit of weight for a long and healthy life span. My family is not as supportive as I am apparentally because they continue to feed my basset too much off their own plates. I have tried to increase his exercise a bit, but his endurance is very low. When I take him for good sized walks he often gets sick or gasps for air. Please help!

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15 Responses to “How can I help my dog lose some weight?”

  1. David G said :

    First put him on a spiecial diet dog food and stop feeding him from the table. Then take walks or play catch or do other active things with him

  2. bcringler said :

    Tell your family that you will be in charge of feeding the dog. Then feed only good quality dog food and slowly increase his exercise. Did the vet tell you he was overweight? And did the vet do a thyroid test to see if it was his thyroid? All of these can help.

  3. weezie said :

    cut back on this food , take your dog to the vet. they could help you better.

  4. arrocket8 said :

    Get out to the back yard and play with him!

  5. cutiepie said :

    put your foot down with your family, get a good diet dog food from your vet, and only give him the recommended amount. continue to take the walks, slow and short at first, only what he can handle, and increase as he can. Good luck. I hope your family listens to you and stops feeding him table scraps. get a vet to write that down so they will believe you that he needs it…

  6. Sandy D said :

    first you can get special dog food that is good for them in losing weight and also you have to tell every body no people food only use the right amount of food that it say. I don’t think you can get this food in supermarkets but at pet shops or your vet also don’t try and over do his walking take him for shorter walks more often he has extra pounds so keep that in mind so there for his energy rate is down. increase the walking as time goes on. also try and get him to do some running around the yard a little as well. it will all help and the weight will come off but be patient. Good luck.
    also I am not sure if the other people in the family are older enough to understand they must not be giving your dog people food. but if they are old enough to understand tell them do not give the dog people food as he is overweight and they are killing your dog with kindness. I know its hard when you have a dog that watches you eat and not give them some of your food. If they do not help you with this then remove the dog from the eating area and let him back in when the meal is over.

  7. kaylie.grl said :

    Hi! I had the same problem 2 years ago with my dog (a pug.) He was eating three meals a day and way too many greenies.
    The two main things that will help is reducing portions and reducing treats, greenies and extras. First thing you should do is make sure he only gets 2 meals /day. Half a can of wet food at each meal. And I know this will be hard, but no treats!! Seriously those things are bad.

    OK good luck

  8. Augie R said :

    Dogs are like humans in this regard. Diet and exercise is what will control their weight.

    Feed your dog a dog food that is a senior formula for maintenance only as your dog is older and seditary.

    Explain to your family that for the best health for your dog to please not feed it food off of their plates. If they care for your dog’s well being, they will support you in this. If they don’t care, then there is not much you can do about this.

    If they continue to feed the dog food from the table, maybe you could feed your dog the type of dog food recommended above but in limited amounts to supplement what he is being fed from the table.

    Next walk your dog regularly. Start easy and work him up to longer and longer walks. Unless there is something major wrong with him medically, he wil respond.

    Good luck

  9. Dog_trainer said :

    Good luck! Bassets tend to be naturally blimpy, so you’ve got a challenge on your hands! Build him up gradually by taking shorter walks more frequently – three times a day. Each week increase the distance by 10%.

    You have to get your family to cut back on the table food – try having your vet explain how bad this is for him! Treats can still be given, but in much smaller pieces. Dogs can count, but they can’t do weights-and-measures. If he gets 5 little pieces of raw carrot, that’s the same to him as five big chunks of cheese.

    Use a good, low calorie dog food. DON’T use a “low residue” food – they can sometimes cause intestinal problems – it’s natural and healthy for the undigested materials to move out of the dog’s system. I have always thought that IAMS and Eukanuba were overpriced for the quality of the ingredients.

    Look for a food that does NOT have “by products” in the ingredients list or you’ll be paying a lot of money for garbage. Personally, I like Nutro – it has no by products and is reasonably priced and my dogs have done fine on it for more than 10 years. They make canned and dry dog foods for puppies and adults – and they have a weight loss food. Any changes in diet should be made slowly to avoid diarrhea – gradually mix more new food in with what you’ve been using until he’s switched over.

  10. Penguin103 said :

    You should consult your pet on the best way to do this, but i will tell you what worked for my German Shepard.

    Put your dog on a Special Diet of Purina Fit and Trim and follow the label carefully. If your dog is not “regular” and is constipated sometimes, then you can give him small amounts of metamucil with his meal.

    The family giving him scraps is a problem. Try to explain to them that it is important for your dog to lose weight. Sometimes it is harder to train people than it is dogs, right?

    Good luck….

  11. Sharon T said :

    you have to get very serious if you want your dog to enjoy his/her life, WALKING, watching table scraps, a NO NO,,,,,,,,,diet dog food, and trip to vet to monitor and get some good advice…….
    sharon T. from oHIo

  12. sashaimee said :

    make a list of health problems that can develop from canine obesity and post it in a public place in your house for your family to see what they are doing to your dog. Next, cut down on his regular food so that it balances out what your family is feeding him, or you could give him his food after your meal and adjust according to how much they have fed him. Instead of taking him on long walks take him to a dog park for an hour. THat way he will have motivation for exercise but doesn’t have to over exert himself, if he gets tired he can simply stop playing. Good Luck.

  13. tlctreecare said :

    STOP feeding the dog anything except a carefully measured out portion of dog food. He will loose weight by just cutting back on his food. He should get NOTHING except dog food.
    For a treat give a slice of carrot. One slice.
    As he is loosing weight keep walking him slowly build up to longer walks. Start at 15-30 minutes and move up to 1 hour if he can take it. Do not walk him so much that he gasps and can not breath.

  14. juicyfruitishandsome said :

    dog’s can’t have people food

  15. Savannah C said :

    it is ok. sometime that does that ok ..


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