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Please help i need some good dieting tips!!?

hi I’m 14 years old and looking for some good dieting tips. i’m not overweight but i want to lose a small bit of weight so i can bring out my six pack. i’m 5″10 and 72 kg. can someone please give me advice on which foods to eat and not. and no trials or dieting pills or machines!!!! Thanks

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4 Responses to “Please help i need some good dieting tips!!?”

  1. Danny said :

    im almost 17 and i lost alot of weight. i wasnt obese before, but i had a belly. with this diet i lost about 7 pounds a week. that is too much too fast but i didnt care. i stuck to this diet and lost about 20 pounds in two months. ive been working out too so it helped with my muscle build up.
    now here is how i did it:

    1.) eat REGULAR oatmeal every morning for breakfast. about a cup of oatmeal.
    …you will be tempted to eat other things like donuts, bagels, and other mouthwatering stuff like i did. BUT STAY AWAY!
    2.) for lunch eat salad WITHOUT DRESSING. my school offers it. if yours doesnt bring your own. AND EAT ALOT OF SALAD. this is a lunch and make sure it has alot of lettuce because it will keep you full for longer. a good and healthy salad would be: alot of lettuce, sliced up tomatoes, and sliced cucumber.
    3.) for dinner eat something exteremely lowfat BUT WITH PROTEIN. lean chicken or salmon is a great dinner. but eat in MODERATION!

    MANDATORY TIPS: STAY AWAY FROM EGG YOLKS and cholesterol. it is your worst enemy. the way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. if you want tuna stay away from the mayo.
    stay away from any kind of fried food. if its oily dont eat it. oil is fat. however, dont get me wrong. some oils are good for you. olive oil is good fat and you need good fats.
    NO CHEESE, especially pizza
    NO RED MEAT aka beef! chicken and fish is okay
    NO BURGERS OR FRIES OR ANY FAST FOOD AT ALL! if you want to lose weight you need to be commited. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOSING WEIGHT IN AN EASY WAY.
    NO EGG YOLK. if you are dying for an egg. this is a great breakfast–> hard boil the egg and eat remove the yolk. eat a few of these and you have a great high protein breakfast.
    DRINK ALOT OF WATER. but not at once because you will be bloated. you need about a galon throughout the day. drink about 1- 1 1/2 cups every hour.

    —————–>YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT EXCERCISE<----------- if you are obese i understand wont be able to run easily. but do the best you can. THE WAY I LOST WEIGHT FAST WAS BY RUNNING FOR AT LEAST A HALF HOUR EVERYDAY with a 2 minutes break between every 10 mnutes i ran. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR HEART BEATING FAST (about 80% of its potential) FOR A TOTAL OF AT LEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY. this will not only make you slim in no time but will increase your metabolism so you burn more calories a day! i was very motivated to lose weight and this is why i ran everyday. if you want to lose weight run or do cardio everyday. walking is no good unless you do it for 4 hours straight. you need your heart beating fast. REMEMBER MUSCLE BURNS FAT! SO HIT THE GYM! FOLLOW THIS DIET WITHOUT CHEATING AND I PROMISE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! -i get about 5 compliments a day for losing my weight. you will be chased for your good looks, i promise;) i know its hard but you need to keep doing this for a while. dont stop the diet as soon as you see results because when you lose weight quickly you can gain it back twice as fast. I ate a couple slices of pizza once and i didnt run it off. i gained fat the next day!

  2. Molly said :

    Dieting will Not Help you.
    Losing and keeping Your Weight to where it should be is a Life Change, not a diet.
    You have to Change the way you Think.
    You have to change the way and what you eat.
    Eat Healthy Foods and in Smaller Portions.
    Snack on Fruit when Hungry.
    Drink lots of Water.
    Stay away form Soft Drinks and anything with Sugar in it.
    Substitute sugar for Honey, which is a Natural Sweetener.
    Exercise has a big part to play in keeping Weight down.
    Join some Sports in School and even out of School.

  3. Mark said :

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  4. fool_outu said :


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