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I need help… Laid off from work 8 weeks ago, drinking heavily, gained weight, and taking sleeping pills?

Alright, so I am a little under the weather. To elaborate, I had a great career, made ridiculous money (to which I saved none), and then BAM… they shut down our department and that was that. Damn economy. Well, I have to admit that I know I am not good right now. At first I went through all the feelings and emotions, then I started to enjoy the time off for the first time in my life, but nothing got better. My state of being only got worse. Little depressed, feel worthless… of course. I am usually a “go getter” and a very happy person. But for the past 8 wks, while going through the emotions, I’ve developed a very scary habit of sleeping all day, drinking every night, and eating my worries away. Now I look like I’m pregnant when before I never had a belly. And to top it off, i have a sleeping pill habit from earlier. What a disaster I am. I think i am going to loose my boyfriend because I doubt he is sure on what to say or do to make me feel better. Its actually gotten to the point of me not even wanting to be around him or people for that matter…
This isn’t good I know. So, I need help. How in the world do I regain my confidence when I’m fat now, drink all the time, and still unemployed? I just want to be normal again. I used to jog every morning but now that is just too tiring for me. My body I’m sure will shut down if I don’t cut this shit out.

So questions:
1. How to stop drinking
2. How to stop taking sleeping pills
4. How to make myself love me again after going through all this…
5. Which in turn will make me love the people around me.. (boyfriend)

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4 Responses to “I need help… Laid off from work 8 weeks ago, drinking heavily, gained weight, and taking sleeping pills?”

  1. Joey c said :

    First of all i suggest you get a job, no matter what is it just to get that lose that feeling of being worthless…when you do this i suggest you start working part time just to begin to boost your self esteem…also i really suggest taking some kinds of exercise classes such as yoga for the relaxation and the exercise..once all of this has been done i am sure you will lose the drinking habit and you will be relaxed enough to fall asleep on your own…you will be able to get in touch with you inner self again which will also help you with your social life
    hop that helped good luck

  2. funguyy said :

    go to the pros.

  3. azmilsyahmi said :

    I was in a similar situation. I was jobless for three months. Jumping from job to job. Nothing was right for me. Was hot tempered and lost my girlfriend.
    Then I went to achurch just to sit and think. It really made me calm. Slowly I got back again. I still go to the church when I need to think or have a problem. I have also found a great book Try reading this one. See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar.

    My suggestion. Stop reading, look to whatever religion you are following and read some motivational books

  4. Kassandra said :

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