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I need to loose weight for my confidence to be happy again, I gained a lot of baby weight, teen mom….?

I have a son I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and need to loose as much as possible as quickly as possible, I am depressed, I can’t deal with being overweight. But if I was hungry all day I wouldn’t have energy to play with him to clean and be a happy perky barny talking mommy. I Just want to loosed weight, and dont care how healthy it is, I just want to be thin again, I need to be. I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t look at my old pictures and be satisfied. I am fine that i had a son, I love him, it wasn’t planned and I am doing it all alone I am 19, no friends, and very stressed but I keep a smile on my face except when I look in the mirror, or recent pictures. I can’t do this anymore, please give me good advice. And adkins, going to the gym, weight watchers, isn’t options, dont have much money either….

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2 Responses to “I need to loose weight for my confidence to be happy again, I gained a lot of baby weight, teen mom….?”

  1. Princessss said :

    You shouldn’t be so worried about your weight. You don’t want your son to grow up in a home with a mother obsessed with self image. Besides, when you get pregnant your baby needs you to lose weight. Eat healthy excersice 30 minutes a day.

  2. Christa said :

    Just a couple ideas….

    You could buy a work out dvd or vhs for cheap… I like carmen electra’s work out dvd’s… you could do that for 30 mins to an hour a day while your little one is napping. Also just make sure to put better foods into your body. Salad stuff is fairly cheap and so forth. I’m not sure if you eat fast food, but if you do… stop immediately! Cut out all soda if you drink it. And as for treats… try to limit them to a couple times a week in moderation. When you wake up start off to a good breakfast such as oatmeal. And drink plenty of water (its really important). Besides that i’m sure your kid will keep you busy enough that the weight will start coming off anyways… but the things above are just some extra’s you could throw in to see faster results. 🙂

    best of luck to you… and feel free to email me if you need anything!


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