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Can i have some good dieting tips?

PLEASE….i really need them!

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12 Responses to “Can i have some good dieting tips?”

  1. Savannah said :

    eat smaller portions.

    make the meals you usally would eat and take a quater of it off your plate straight away so you dont eat it.

    exersize more

    drink lots of water.
    when you want a snack drink some water half the time your not actually hungry.

  2. AwayWith TheFairies said :

    Keep your mouth shut.

  3. Someone said :

    sure,EAT HEALTHY FOODS!!!! =)

    after a meal , if you are still hungery have milk(and i mean a full glass people , all the way to the top!)

  4. pumpkinlettuce said :

    1. Eat fruits.
    2. Eat vegetables.
    3. Eat dairy or other sources of calcium, about 1,200 milligrams a day.
    4. Don’t eat more protein than 5-6 ounces a day. The overdose of protein causes kidney failure and…yep…fat deposits.
    5. Don’t overdose on water like most people seem to do. If you’re eating adequate fruits and veggies, 3-4 glasses a day is all you need. Vegetation is almost entirely water, which counts toward your daily intake total.
    6. Eat enough fiber, but not too much all at once, which causes bloating.
    7. Don’t get frustrated when your weight loss seems to stop a few days after you start “dieting” – that’s just water loss anyway. Not important.

    Most importantly, take your time. Don’t expect to lose more than a few pounds per week. Losing anywhere from 52-104 pounds a year is still a pretty big difference from when you started.

  5. The mad scientist said :

    eat less and excercise more. you need to burn off more calories than you take in

  6. Marcbolanboy said :

    easy. Look at the fat content of everything you eat, it’s a legal requirement for it to be stated on the packet of any food sold in this country.. You are a chick so supposed to have no more than 75 g of fat a day, so if you wanna lose weight eat no more than 60g a day. You will be surprised by both how lo fat and high fat some foods you usually eat are. Start eating a low fat diet and stay strong and you will see how easy it is to actually lose weight and still eat tasty if not high fat foods. Seriously, try it. The most important thing is to think of why you want to change the way your body looks and when you think of geating something fatty to recall how much you want that change and why, and to remember you know exactly how the fatty food tastes, and that after you’ve finished you won’t feel any better about yourself, probably worse, and you remembered how that fatty food tasted anyway without eating it. The very best of luck.

  7. only me said :

    EAT good carbs…..NOT bad ones!!Good carbs are in vegatables ,fruit ,whole grains….Watch your carbs!!!LOSE weight!

  8. Juicy Lucy with the massive... said :

    Sex, Sex, Sex

  9. Frank O said :

    slimming world…lost two stones in the last 6 months…take it off slow..less likely to go back on. its just healthy eating but the support is great. good luck

  10. Che said :

    Eat less

  11. Jackie E said :

    i highly recomend going to slimming world its great and you can eat so much i started 2 weeks ago and have lost 7 pound

  12. roome at the top said :

    Try getting hold of Patrick Holfords Holford diet. its the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight


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