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Can someone please give me some “realistic” dieting tips?

My main trouble is carbs. They are my biggest weakness. I need to replace them. Also can I have some realistic dieting tips to help spur me on and how do you find it to keep your willpower up? I’m ok on exercise as I have joined my work’s gym. I want to eat right but not get hungry so I snack. Please help me and any constructive advice is appreciated.
thank you so much all of you for helping me!! you all gave realistic advice then and I will find it impossible to choose a best answer. I like thr ice cake idea and the water one. I will drink a glass of water before every meal now and need to cut down on my coffees. also the protein idea and all the ideas to do with snakcing you are spot on. thank you all and if anyone has anything else to add just go ahead. i could use all the help i can get!!! thanks and i have so much weight to lose! wish me luck!
also ignore the typos in my added details. replied too quick :S

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11 Responses to “Can someone please give me some “realistic” dieting tips?”

  1. Amanda said :

    What I do, and this may or may not work for you, is—I HAVE to snack…So I find things with no/few carbs or calories, like rice cakes or dill pickles. Then I can eat almost as much as I want and no worries. That’s just one idea, but there are so many other and you have to find what works for you..

  2. sparky said :

    I AM not a specialist in this but drink water it fills you up does not have any calories.
    The body is mostly made up of water and cut out or only have 4/5 cups coffee as it is not good for you so my dietitian has told me. I drink 4/5 pints yes of water a day.
    take a least one glass water before every meal . good luck

  3. alex said :

    set your mind to it and watch what you eat. sounds simple huh?
    make sure your snacks are healthy.
    Eat less but more often(smaller meals, five times a day) this works three ways-
    1 you won’t be as likely to snack if you eat more often
    2 you’re eating smaller meals/snacks
    3 eating more speeds up your metabolism
    also, don’t beat yourself up- you are your own worst enemy
    don’t cut anything out completely unless you have the willpower to follow through, just reward youreslf on occasion
    Good luck

  4. ruthaya2 said :

    Try upping your protein intake if you crave carbs, especially the “bad” carbs. The protein will take the edge off hunger, and your blood sugar will be more even- thereby reducing carb cravings. I have found that when I do not get enough protein, I will have issues with hunger that are not resolved until the protein is consumed.

  5. pennylope09 said :

    All your meals and snacks should include carbs, fats, protein, and usually a good amount of fiber (at least 5g). Foods that are high in protein (eggs, tuna, whey) will make you feel full longer because they take longer to digest. I eat 1800cals/day and I literally eat all day long since I’m sticking to healthy foods. It’s okay to snack as long as you know what you’re doing.

    Keep a calorie journal ( so you know exactly how many calories you’ve consumed. It’ll deter you when you’re approaching your daily limit.

  6. Amanda said :

    What I will tell you is what my doctor told me. Eat three square meals a day. You should have three sections on your plate. First a large area for veggies. Second an area for meat. meat should be no bigger than a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. Third a section for carbs. The main thing is to have more veggies than meat and carbs. The snacking thing, well my doctor told me to try and snack on veggies and have small protein snacks. Like: Peanut Butter Crackers, A few nuts, or half a sandwich. Protein helps a lot. I was at 185lbs. and now I am down at 130lbs. My lowest weight was 94lbs.

  7. Lola said :

    Well, I’m on a diet now, I’m losing weight (I’ve lost 1 st in 2 months, so I’m on my perfect weight right now) and I’m very happy about it as I eat, I’m getting slimmer and I don’t feel the need of eating bad things. I understand what you say about carbs!! I also love them!! the truth is that you don’t have to stop eating carbs. Just don’t eat them everyday! I eat proteins 1 day ( as grilled chicken with boiled green beans) and the next day I eat carbs ( wholemeal pasta). You are also allowed to have your daily bowl of cereal for breakfast or a toast with orange juice. What you cannot do is eating the carbs for dinner. My diet is quite simple. You just have to stop eating unhealthy food. I eat 3 mail meals ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) and also 2 snacks ( 1 in the middle of the morning and the other for tea) the snacks you can eat are 2 wholemeal cookies ( oat cookies, digestive, etc), a low fat yogurt or a piece of fruit ( you have to choose). I hope that if you decide to follow my diet you will see the results!!! Best of luck!

  8. beccafag said :

    i’ve looked into dieting for myself and i think the first step i took was to decrease my appetite, so it did mean going hungry for a short while but soon enough you don’t feel it anymore.
    eating small meals but regularly keeps the metabolism going, so perhaps eat regular portions of fruit ever few hours, have a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner.
    do this with exercise and it should work off the pounds.
    just remember, weight wasn’t put on over night so it wont disappear over night!

  9. watercress kebab said :

    See my answer to Ophiuchus whats a good Diet

  10. Jury said :

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