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Can someone give me some advice on stopping smoking? I am just found out I am pregnant….?

I have had two miscarriages recently, so needless to say I am wanting this baby more than anything in the world. I found out last night that I was pregnant and I didn’t smoke afterwards but when I woke up this morning the craving was there and strong…so I relented. But I want to stop, NEED to stop and I have to do it cold turkey. Can someone give me some advice, maybe someone who has been through a similar thing?

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14 Responses to “Can someone give me some advice on stopping smoking? I am just found out I am pregnant….?”

  1. kay kay said :

    dont buy any, dont ask any from any one…

  2. mzbabybelly said :

    Keep yourself active and busy. If you are sitting around doing nothing, you are more than likely going to want to have a cigarette. Dont stress yourself out trying to quit tho, because that can also lead to miscarriage. Talk to your doctor about what choice would be the best for you.

  3. Brianna Garcia said :

    think about ur baby thats bad for him its not about u no more its about that baby growing inside u. stop smoking keep urself busy. stay away from pplz that smoke in a time.

  4. Hilla B said :

    Chewing gum helped for me. I quit cold turkey as soon as I got that positive result. Good for you for realizing its NOT okay to smoke during pregnancy even if you’re “quitting”. Good luck!!
    Also, if hubby smokes, make him quit, too.

  5. believe me said :

    be strong

  6. Vicky said :

    You can ask your doctor to tell you about support groups. S/he will be able to help, and can also guide you through this. When you’re trying to stop, don’t concentrate on the times when you relent. Just keep stopping. If you ‘give in’ once every few days, you’re not setting the counter back to zero, because you’re already on the road to stopping. Concentrate on the good things, like the fact that you’re doing this for your baby and your own health, so that you’re going to be there for them and fit and healthy. Good for you!!!

  7. Tori said :

    Try mints and knitting.
    I know it sounds crazy but then you are doing something with your mouth and your hands.
    When I found out I was pregnant for my daughter I was smoking.
    It ended up making me sick, every time I smelled a cigarette I’d throw up.
    I’m grateful that it wasn’t hard for me.
    Good Luck
    God Bless

  8. Proud Mommy To Be said :

    Just quit! Everytime you crave one just think of your baby in a smoke filled sac!

  9. tyrell w said :

    use a fake smoke it will help

  10. lively said :

    just stop, get some ghewing gum, sunflowr seeds, bite on a pencil, what ever! i remember going to my checkups and on my way out, i would see pregnant women smoking away. i wished i could of told them something, but it was none of my business. so im telling you now, quit, whichever way

  11. Danielle S said :

    its really hard, i did it too. I found out I was preg and said that day that i would have my final cig at the end of the day andn i just quit, because i knew that my baby’s health is most important, smoking increases the chance of miscarriage so maybe if you think of that you will have the power not to pick up, but give yourself a day to “say goodbye” to the cig then quit, don’t continue to smoke after that, its dangerous. also you can go online and see all the risks that accompany smoking and preg and how it affects the baby afterwards. also people that continue to smoke when they give birth that baby goes through the same uncomfortable withdrawls that you are going through now, so would you want your little sweet baby to have to deal with that uncomfortablness, i wouldn’t i would rather deal with it instead of my baby. good luck its hard, but so is being a parent,

  12. dianaz1974 said :

    I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one that decided to quit smoking for their unborn baby! My biggest pet peeve is to watch a pregnant woman smoke. I did get cravings for cigarettes at first but I just imagined my baby in my belly with a cigarette in his hand and how I was harming him and if I smoked, how it could affect him. You know that it can cause birth defects, low birth weight, premature labor, lung problems or even miscarriage. So try to think of all those things and how you want to have a health baby. I also know that many women smoke while pregnant and their babies are fine, but do you really want to take risk of baby not being healthy. I hope you are able to quit…..I applaud you for thinking of your unborn child!!! Good luck!!!

  13. Sunsolei & Mintu said :

    I found out I was pregnant at six weeks. I reduced my smoking to two cigarettes a day and quit completely by 10 weeks. I was taking other medications that had to be discontinued, and it was really hard, but well worth it.

    My son is now two months old and a very healthy, big boy!! I have not picked up the smokes again, and I no longer have the desire to smoke (and I was a smoker for ten years). The smell of smoke actually repulses me these days. Something about being a mommy makes you want to be healthy (if for no other reason, to set a good example for your children).

    Good luck with quitting & I am hoping that you have a healthy pregnancy!!

  14. pm said :

    Think about how bad you wanted a baby and want a baby and if of course I know that you rather be a great mom than keep that habit…you can do it go for walks keep busy and stay away from people who smoke or tell them that you don’t want them to smoke around you.

    good luck.


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