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Can anyone out there give me advice on STOPPING SMOKING.?

If anyone out there can help. I decided last night before I went to bed that I was going to quit smoking today. I have made it all day long. I was fine at work , because I paint for a living and do not smoke in others homes. The problem I am having now is I am HOME now. I had no idea how much I depend on cig. in the evening time. I need one to walk the dogs. I need one while cooking. I need one while doing dishes. I need one while going to the bathroom. While on the computer. What the hell can I do to get my mind off of them. I know if I even have one drag I am going to have to start all over again. I have been trying to play games and looked up websites that show smokers lungs just to remind me why I am stopping. Crazy enough when looking up smokers lungs I am still thinking about a cig. I dont want to die. I want to stop. I am 30 and want to be healthy. Anyone who has done this can help. Tell me wht you did and when it gets easier. Thank you Alisha
Thanks Steven going to brush now.
Ps. My fiance is still smoking in the house around me which is probably going to make it harder on me. But what the hell when I stop smoking maybe he will see that it’s worth it. And if I can do it with him still smoking around me then maybe he will see h can so it too.

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5 Responses to “Can anyone out there give me advice on STOPPING SMOKING.?”

  1. Steven said :

    The taste is kinda UHG at first but the lozenges DO help a lot. Something like commit.. Or maybe the gum would get you thru the night. CONGRATS on going ALL DAY on your first attempt, thats GREAT. Brushing your teeth is a quick help too in rough moments.. GOOD LUCK !!!

  2. bec said :

    omg hayy chick i recently quit smoking, its been 3 weeks now, how i got thru???

    well my grandpa died of enphsemia??? or however you spell it and growing up watching him deteriate year after year for 12years made me quit

    think about how much more happier you’ll get…

    how much more cleaner you’ll smell and taste!!

    good luck chickkii beee gooood

  3. Theanswerman said :

    I quit after smoking for 35 years. I still need positive reinforcement from friends and family to get by.I have been smoke free for 6 months now. So I am no expert. I know it’s tough. Quitting smoking is tougher than giving up heroine. There are “triggers” that bring on a cigarette. After dinner cigarette for instance or after sex cigarette, or like you said, going to the bathroom or doing the dishes? Each time you experience the urge to purge grab some flavored nicorette (4mg. to start) gum and chew it. Then tuck it away between your cheek and gum. It will be tough at first but stick with it. The nicorette take care of the urge. You must recognize the “triggers”. Find as much peace and solitude as you can. My wife was a total bitch when I went through this and I almost fell off the wagon several times but I perservered. You need very little stress in your life while you do this. Good luck to you. It’s your life were talking about here.

  4. un Dieu said :

    Yup, but you have to click on these links:

    Then follow some of the excellent advice given by other posters. OK?

    (Yes, that was a cancerous lung — but your getting that disease would be uglier.)

  5. Rich said :

    I made a list of all the times I enjoyed a smoke…after morning coffee etc. Then I Quit doing those things….In the morning I drank OJ instead of coffee….Also, I got the gum……You can do it. If you really want to, you can. I always told myself that if I could get through 2 full days, I would be a non smoker, I did it 25 years ago. Good luck, and stick to your plan*


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