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has anyone out there tried the prayer approach with stopping smoking?

ive tried about everything out there to help quit smoking.

has anyone ever tried praying?

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5 Responses to “has anyone out there tried the prayer approach with stopping smoking?”

  1. Crash D said :

    I’m sure that somene has tried it… I’ve heard of a lot stranger ways to quit.

  2. darth72au said :

    I smokes for about 7 years and decided to stop cold turkey.
    worked pretty good but still had the odd smoke for the next 10 years after that (one every few months at a party).
    I am happy to say that I haven’t had one all year and no longer have any desire for one at all. All I do is think about what it does to my body and others around me, how much it costs in dollars, how much I stink when I smoke and how much it makes you look older and wrinkled from doing to many years.

  3. rsjrev said :

    Prayer without knowing who you are praying to is essentially just positive thinking. The same goes for prayer to non-existent gods.
    Effective prayer requires a personal relationship with the true God of creation, Jesus Christ.
    Feel free to follow up with me and I can direct you to a pastor in your area who can help.

  4. KangaRoo said :

    My in-laws tried it without success, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work for someone else.
    If your belief in God is genuine, then whenever you have a craving really tune in to the fact that not smoking is honoring God and His creation – your body. He didn’t create you in His image so that you could fill it with carcinogens and make it smell like an old ashtray, right?
    Smoking’s too big of an addiction to kick without some serious personal effort. (I’ve heard it’s more addictive than heroin). You’ve got to want to be a nonsmoker enough that you’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. God isn’t going to do it FOR you — it’s up to you. Now, if praying helps you know your own strength to overcome your addiction, then by all means pray. I’m just saying don’t stop with prayer — you need to back it up with behavior modification.
    I tried a hundred ways to quit (after 17 years), and what it came down to was really being committed to quitting. I just got sick of being an addict, and of smelling bad all the time, and I wanted to take control of my life. I’m not gonna lie, quitting was tough, especially for the first few weeks. I took it one day at a time. When I had a bad craving, I did something that made it impossible for me to smoke — like, washed the dishes by hand. Can’t hold a cigarette when your hands are wrist-deep in soapy water. It also helped for me to get up and moving — turned off the TV and went for a hike, for instance.
    I hope you make it. Once you’ve quit, you’ll be amazed that you ever smoked in the first place.

  5. naynayjo said :

    Yes, many people at oour church have quit smoking…just by making the decision to do so and praying and asking God to give them the strength and courage to walk away from the cigs…and its worked for all of them so far….seems like a good plan…if u have faith and if you are able to trust that God can help u through the trials and cravings


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