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Is there a correlation between stopping smoking and the the manifestation of shingles?

I need researchers or serious thinkers to look at this question.
It is ofcourse unhealthy and politically incorrect to smoke. – Thanks for your time. M

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6 Responses to “Is there a correlation between stopping smoking and the the manifestation of shingles?”

  1. fleetofworlds said :

    Shingles is the second stage of chicken pocks which is activated by exposure to others who have it. Smoking has nothing to do with it.

  2. bluefrog said :

    Once you have chicken pox, the virus lays dormant on your skin. Shingles can develop later in life. What can cause the shingles to break out? Weakened immune system – Stress. Trying to quit smoking can cause more stress than you find normal and this can be a reason that you’d get shingles.

  3. Katie W said :

    I do not know if there is a correlation, but it stands to reason that when someone quits smoking there is a certain amount of stress going on in the body, and shingles is stress related.. My guess is that the two CAN be related, but do not necessarily HAVE to be related.

  4. phylobri said :

    Shingles is affiliated with Chicken Pox (herpes zooster) a virus. It has nothing to do with quitting cigarettes.

  5. nursegrl said :

    Anything that causes stress can cause shingles to appear, it stands to reason if you are prone to shingles and are trying to quit smoking that you could develop shingels.

  6. RoC said :

    I have had shingles multiple times over the last 19 years after having cancer. I do know that every time I try to quit smoking, I have a bout of the shingles like no other! I have done research and nicotine dose cause your body to have to make extra antibody’s, more than you would normally need and when you try to quit your body goes into shock and stop’s producing these antibody’s and there for you break out with the shingles! It is not just in ones head, there is a correlation between the two and anyone who has had the shingles and is trying to stop smoking should first start taking Syban. That is what I found from my research and I have documented my bout’s with the shingles and found it to be very true!


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