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stopping smoking can anyone help?

help im trying to quit smoking! i am going to get some patches but does anyone have any tips or advice till i can get some? ways to take my mind off smoking or anything you think may be useful? thanks.

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2 Responses to “stopping smoking can anyone help?”

  1. Tyn said :

    for me i just keep myself busy.. like a sport or the gym.. it’ll keep you from wanting a cigarette find a hobby that will take your mind off it.

  2. Uma said :

    Whenever you feel to smoke ,just postponed for one or two hours.Then u can take one time smoke.Continue for three or four days.

    Then if you feel to smoke,postponed for three hours.Gradually u can reduce your this habit.

    U cannot stop smoking suddenly.If you are smoking five times daily grdually reduce.first week for four times.then three and two times.Finally one time smoking for oneday.

    After one month u will stop this smoking habit


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