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STOPPING SMOKING i need your help???

help!!! i’ve tried to stop smoking sooo many times now i’ve lost count!!!
trouble is, i tend to find that its not the actually stopping its the staying off them thats the killer!!!
i normally start with a patch…first couple of days im fine (which they say is the hardest???) end of the week i get a bit twitchy but i battle on….over the next couple of weeks, i’ll get really stronge cravings (evenwhile wearing the patch) but mostly i do ok…if im really bad i’ll have a bit of a draw of one (bad i know better that than killing someone) but even then when i do, it makes me feel sick! its horrible!!!
sooooo….im ok again for a while….
ive managed a whole 7/8months without ciggys & before i know it….i’ve gone into a shop…bought 10 & smoked every one that day!!! ???

i’ll stay off them during the week, only smoking at weekends…
before you know it…im back on the habit with 20 a day!!!
H E L P !!!!!
what else can i do????????????

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6 Responses to “STOPPING SMOKING i need your help???”

  1. Cool D said :

    get lots and lots of that help quit smoking gum and see a doctor 2 and i u are going to buy cigarettes go buy something else like a chocalate bar or some other thing and not buying cigarettes

  2. kmk621 said :

    I quit smoking almost three months ago. I took Chantix/Champix and found it VERY helpful. I cannot speak highly enough of it. Also, I would suggest going to some counseling (a lot of hospitals/clinics offer stop smoking counseling programs for free). I also spend a lot of time on a website with fellow quitters- There iis all sorts of tips and advice and people who are going through what you are to reach out to.

    I think a positive attitude and mental preparation are very important. Read everything you can on addiction and try to understand fully what you will be feeling and why you will be feeling that way. I have an arsenal of inspirational/motivational quotes, stories etc that I refer to when I need it.

    Some people let their guard down after 7 or 8 months and think they can have just one because they are doing so well. You cannot have just one.

    Also, the book “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” by Allen Carr really helped me to re-formulate the way I think about smoking. This book is available online.

    You can also go to to change some of your thinking. Stop seeing smoking as a reward, something you want to do. It helps to get you in the right mind frame.

    Good luck, you can do this!

  3. yasha said :

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    Would’ve e-mailed this to you.. but you have it blocked.. sorry this isn’t relevant to the question

  4. T-tom said :

    When I feel the urge to smoke I watch this . I hope it helps

  5. chana devora said :

    I smoked for over 40 years, having quit and gone back several times. I finally tried something new and have been smoke-free for about a year. This is what I did: whenever I wanted a cigarette, I’d smoke half of one. I did that for a couple of weeks, then I’d just take about four or five puffs, only smoking every other time I wanted a cigarette. I did that for a couple of weeks until I was down to 2 drags on a cigarette, maybe 4 times a day. Then, I decided that when that pack ran out, I’d buy no more.
    Quitting cold turkey is just about as effective as quitting heroin cold turkey. Your body is just as addicted to nicotine and you have to wean yourself off it, like heroin addicts do with methadone. If you quit cold turkey, the craving is huge, while weaning yourself off of it, there is no craving left and your body is accustomed to being without it. Good Luck, my friend!

  6. JohnEE said :

    You’re obviously quiting but you come back for some reason.

    There is a reason for this and that has nothing to do with being unable to quit and staying quit. It is to do with your will and your emotions. Your emotions control your life. Take control of your emotions and you will take control of your smoking habits.

    You’re probably having anxiety moments in your life that push you back into smoking.

    Smoking is really a substitute for your emotional downs and it relieves them temporarily. That is the reason why you started in the first place. Ask yourself what it solves by smoking.

    Solve your emotional problems and you will solve your smoking habits/addiction. It is that simple.

    The solution is usually simpler than what you think, but humans have grown numb they look for complex solutions to simple problems.


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