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Did the smoking patch and gum fail to help you stopping smoking?

What else is there, if anything?

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6 Responses to “Did the smoking patch and gum fail to help you stopping smoking?”

  1. Scotia Sweetheart said :

    not yet… I have been using the patch and I am on day 16 🙂

  2. Redhead said :

    I used the prescription drug called Zyban – tried the patches a few years ago and they didn’t work.
    The most important thing when your on patches is not to smoke at all – or you overdose on nicotine

  3. dustybin said :

    Yes while I used them, but within 2 months I was smoking again. I wish I had more will power

  4. Shianne P said :

    this might just be a blow off answer, but my mother knew this guy that was on the gum, and he looked into it, yeah it helps you not smoke, but the gum has nicotine in it so Ive heard….lol but what do i know

  5. Anna C said :

    The smoking patches and the gum are filled with Nicotine. The whole idea of the patches/gum is to ween you off the drug bit by bit. If you are failing to fight the cravings, you may need a stronger product. Your body can’t fight all the cravings usually, and needs a bit of a Nicotine hit and a struggle to get you through it. If the patches aren’t working, try a stronger product and slowly reduce to a weak product and then none. You’re off the drug.

  6. Kevin M said :

    I think the products out there try to replace smoking with nicotine substances. You still get nicotine. Why not curb the behavior over time while smoking? Set maximum smoking goals for the week and continually lower them in a reasonable manner until you are not smoking at all. I know. It sounds too simple.


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