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Help with stopping smoking?

ive stopped smoking for 4 days 12hrs and 10 mins and im choking for a fag i did this due to the fact i want to gain weights and live longer has anyone gained weight stopping if so please tell me the stages and how much stone you gained

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2 Responses to “Help with stopping smoking?”

  1. Motley D said :

    first congratulations on ur decision to stop, but if you stopped for weight gain that was wrong,
    I stopped smoking about 20 years ago and I can tell you that it was not easy.
    just to share with you, 5 years after I stopped I pull in the store where I always went to get my smokes, walk in bought a pack, got back in my car open it and
    I had a cigarette to my mouth with my finger on the car cigarette lighter, when I woke up and realized that I didn’t smoke anymore.
    Don’t fool yourself it is that power full.
    By the way I gained about 20 pound after, I was at the time 5’9″ 135#
    today still 5’9″ 165#
    hope this help…

  2. mrsunshine56987 said :

    for your information…

    stopping smoking is not somewhere outside.. i for instance is a smoker.. i have been smoking for 5,6 years,… and i just left smoking as i had a real fear of death in my mind.. i stopped smoking from august 2008 and till this april 3rd i was not smoking at all.. and this happened on 4th of april.. i was having adrink with my friend.. and he offered me a smoke.. which i wud generally avoid.. earlier.. accepted that day.. and i started smoking as if i have never left smoking…

    so smoking s not a habit as people think.. it is only an event.. if you want to stop smoking .. dont think about it.. and when you really have the urge to smoke.. just say yourself this one time “i willNOT smoke.”

    i was able to stop smoking just because i really had the fear of succumbing to cancer…..

    so it is all in your mind.. your mind can do what is good for you if you really think you must do it!

    be strong in your mind.. think of the negative things you would end up with if u continued smoking..

    gud luk to stop smoking..

    3 things u shall do ..
    1.avoid places where u smoke.. like a smoking joint..
    2.avoid persons who will encourage u to smoke..
    3. tell every one you know that” U HAVE STOPPED SMOKING ” this will make ur ego understand that if u smoke again that thall the words of all those who laughed at you saying “u can never” true, correct..

    diver urself in any other activity u like .. when u feel to smoke.


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