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Ive put on weight since stopping smoking, any exercises tips to help tone out my abs?

stopped smoking after a year of a pack a day, ive put on a bit of weight and im interested on some exercises that i can stick with?

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2 Responses to “Ive put on weight since stopping smoking, any exercises tips to help tone out my abs?”

  1. fr0shy12506 said :

    congrats on quitting!! I would suck on sugar free candies.. you can get some good ones like jolly ranchers that come sugar free but still taste as good! this helped my mom when she had a craving and kept her mouth busy from eating the really unhealthy stuff like the chips, french fries etc that she kept eating after she quit. Also I’ve been doing the turbo jam videos I do the 20 minute workout one and its amazing! Its just a cardio workout to get your heart pumping and burn calories (takes 2-3 watching it to learn so don’t do anything the first time through haha) then I do another 20 min one thats called Ab Jam which is easy to follow and only have to watch along to get it! I’ve only used it a couple times now and I can feel the difference in my energy levels thats for sure. anyways.. good luck!

  2. James B said :

    It’s very common to put on wieght after you quit smoking. Most people replace smoking with snacks and that is where the extra wieght comes from. A good way to prevent from gaining futhur weight is instead of snaking try chewing some gum. As far as the belly weight we all have abdominal muscles but most of us just have a few layers covering them, and to make those abs shine through, you need to put out more than what is coming in. Less calories and more calorie burning. This means you need to get your heart rate up and the best way is to run.


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