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do you put on weight when stopping smoking?

my mum has stopped smoking and she has started eating more and put on 2 stone in 2 month is this normal any answers welcome ty

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12 Responses to “do you put on weight when stopping smoking?”

  1. rt1290 said :

    yeah i think it’s normal. i heard bananas help when you quit smoking, so she should try eating those.

  2. schultajaet said :

    the key is the eating. she needs to chew gum and not eat everything that she sees.

  3. Amanda said :

    My Aunt did the same thing when she stopped smoking. She gained alot of weight. It was really strange. She went like this for about a year, and dropped down to her normal size by you guessed it smoking again!!

  4. Stephanie C said :

    Its normal but in a way its good that she found something instead of a cig but just make sure she doesnt get too carried away. Eating too much can give us the same problems smoking does! For example heart disease!

  5. Candi is Dandy said :

    My grandmother smoked for over 30 yrs. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure because of it. She had to quit cold-turkey. Within a week after quiting she started eating more. Mainly she said, because she could actually taste her food, and it was so good!( Smoking messes up your taste buds.) So she put on a few pounds. She started waling twice a day, plus she works full time. She lost almost all of the weight she gained. Good for your mother for quiting!!

  6. Pear said :

    yes it is normal for people to gain weight when they stop smoking. A lot of people gain weight because they are replacing a habit. They need something to replace the repition of smoking. So most people eat more.

    Try to get her interested in word search books or other things you can think of that would use her hands maybe even a craft.

  7. pfloydie said :

    I put on a little extra weight when I stopped smoking. . .
    then I started chewing on popsicle sticks. . .it looks horrible – but it wasn’t food or candy. . .
    Everyone was telling me to eat candy!!! (you know like little sour balls and things) to get over the smoking. . .
    here’s the really sad thing. . I would give my left arm for a cigarette. . . but I keep reminding myself how much better I am not smoking. . . . .
    I like to knit — and someone said a craft might be good —
    yes – very good advice. . .it is very difficult to knit or crochet when you have a cigarette going. . .

  8. mj69catz said :

    Yes, it is more common than not.

    Your mom is replacing the putting of cigarettes in her mouth with putting food in her mouth. Help her by suggesting gum and making sure there are good vegetables in the house (i.e. buy a bag of carrots and clean them so she can munch on those instead of bad for you foods.)

    You can also help her by asking her to take a walk with you. This will help with the weight and will help her build up her lungs again.

    Be positive and helpful and don’t “get on her case” about things or she may end up going back to smoking.

  9. [email protected] said :

    It IS normal, and it happened to me, too. The problem is that you use food for that oral gratification instead of cigarettes. A better choice to pop in your mouth is sugar free gum or hard candy.

    I don’t know a SINGLE doctor who wouldn’t rather have a little fat on a patient instead of smoking, though–so YAY for her!!!!

  10. iron maiden77 said :

    Yes,this happens a lot.She needs to exercise to prevent this.I quit smoking about a year ago and I didnt gain any weight.I watched what I ate and increased my exercise.I know its really hard.Nicotine is so addictive.Tell her to hang in there,ok?She can do this.

  11. MisMischievous said :

    Yes it is fairly common. Your mom is switching one ‘oral fixation’ for another. Tell her to try sugarless gum instead when she feels she needs a cigarette. She will somewhat get the same ‘keeping her mouth busy’ and the gum will not put the weight on.

  12. Jose T said :

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