my boyfriend thinks losing weight is easier than stopping smoking?

as smoking is a recognised addiction and food addiction is not!has anyone done both?

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5 Responses to “my boyfriend thinks losing weight is easier than stopping smoking?”

  1. Max said:

    Losing weight is easy
    Smoking takes TEN tries before you can officially quit

  2. Michelle said:

    To lose weight, its simple you get used to waking up in the morning and exercising or waking up and having fruit. But with smoking, you are always gonna have the urge to smoke its just something in your body that makes you want more. I know many people that have stopped for weeks, then something just comes over them and they start again.

  3. Positive said:

    I think there just as bad as one another, i’ve managed to lose 100lb in 14 months…only another 10 to go, but it’s not been seriously hard, but i decided to give up smoking at the same time as losing weight, and it was harder in the fact, but people are different, some people diet n exorcise, and hardly lose any weight, and some people can quit smoking rather easily, so its soully down to the person.

  4. rocky said:

    Its simple . as how my answer was simple.

  5. bigscarymonster said:

    They’re both difficult. Both require large amounts of will power and just because many people do not see food as an actual addiction does not mean that it isn’t.


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