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My dad’s stopping smoking (Read discription) : )x?

So my dad stopped smoking last summer for about 4 months but then he went on holiday with some of his old friends and started smoking smoking again then he wants to try and stop again how can i help him please help i really want to know and help my dad with this :)x

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2 Responses to “My dad’s stopping smoking (Read discription) : )x?”

  1. Hannahulstergirl-x said :

    nicotine patches, or one of those fake cigarettes inhaler things so that he has something to do with his hands instead of a cigarette

  2. NomieBear said :

    My mum stopped smoking recently, She uses the gum to help. To help him don’t remind him alot that he’s stopped but ask now and again how he’s getting on. Be supportive and try to help around the house or simply cut down arguments (if you have any).


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