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Stopping smoking to gain weight…will I gain weight?

I am 27, 6ft and weigh a miserable 10 stone. I look like a bag of bones! I cannot gain weight. I had tests at hospital and all is clear.

I smoke approx 20- 25 a day. Do you think i will gain weight if i quit. I have been told your appetite returns.

Also any tips for putting on weight? I eat loads of crap food anyway like chocolate, cakes, crisps etc…still not putting on weight

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5 Responses to “Stopping smoking to gain weight…will I gain weight?”

  1. dan_wllm said :

    yes you will, i stopped smoking and i gained 59lBS

  2. John said :

    Omg, my dad quit smoking and got so fat. He gained like 25 lbs. My aunt quit and gained atleast 80. Get a plan going before you quit.

  3. Claire B said :

    stopping smoking is a good idea regardless of your weight. in addition to causing cancer, it makes your skin look like crap and you age badly, so if you’re already a bag of bones, don’t make yourself look worse by compounding the side affects of ageing by smoking. You don’t have to eat crap to put on weight, in fact, you shouldn’t eat crap to put on weight. All you’re doing is eating bad fats and bad sugars which will probably also affect your skin and health. Try eating larger amounts of good food containing good fats and good sugars. Heaps of vege’s with a steak, lots of pasta with cream based sauces – but all fresh stuff, etc. is going to taste better, be better for you and has just as much chance of helping you gain weight. You could also try going to the gym to build up your muscle.

  4. Francois J V said :

    Every time you feel a craving for a smoke, you will eat something and so gain weight. Be careful not to go from too thin too overweight. Somee people have a quick metabolism and will always battle to gain weight

  5. Natakamani * said :

    You will. Most of this comes from the idea that most smokers have an oral fixation… they have a compulsion to be doing something with thier mouths. So when you stop using smokes to satisfy that fixation, food is the next thing to start with. Also, nicotine is a stimulant. It boosts metabolism (by a small amount) and lessens the interest in eating.

    As far as gaining weight, crap food is not your best bet, believe it or not. Sugars (like in cake, etc) will give you fat, but its not the heathy kind and can really mess with your health in the long run. What you need is carbs and a healthy lifestyle.

    Try weight lifting…. That builds muscle (duh) and as a result, will boost your weight quite a bit. As far a food, potatoes, pasta and bread are great fillers and can account for a lot more calories. Avacados (if you like them) are good for adding body mass, as well as red meat.

    Its important to stay healthy even with gaining weight. It catches up to you eventually, and is not worth the difficulty it causes.

    Good luck!


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