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is smoking stopping me from gaining weight?

i smoke, sometimes i smoke a lot, now i am trying to put on some wehgt, should i stop smoking to gain weight? how does smoking effect the weight gain?

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13 Responses to “is smoking stopping me from gaining weight?”

  1. Maximus said:

    No matter what, quit smoking! It really will kill you.

  2. Ronnie said:

    I guess it does. I’ve a friend who eats a lot and smokes more. he is just a bag of bones… or maybe its jus metabolism..

  3. Dinner said:

    Smoking helps to keep your weight DOWN. So yes, it is possible that smoking is stopping you from gaining weight.

  4. andrephoenix said:

    Yeah smoking curbs your appetite and if you quit you will usually gain a few pounds if you’ve been smoking a long time then you gain a considerable amount

  5. eternity_spider said:

    Yes, it seems that smoking helps losing weight so if you want to put on weight you should stop smoking and eat a lot of caloric food.

  6. ash_m_79 said:

    Yes it effects weight gain indirectly. You tend to lose your appetite by smoking hence prevents you from gaining weight.

  7. ampotratz said:

    Yes. Smoking messes with your metabolism (I believe) and causes you to actually lose weight. For example, most models smoke in order to maintain their low weights. So if you want to GAIN weight (and gain years on your life), QUIT SMOKING NOW!

  8. briandoogan13 said:

    That’s a myth that smoking stops you gaining weight, what it does is it kills the appetite so that when you stop smoking you find you become hungrier and because you no longer have anything to do with your hands you begin to snack and therefore gain weight but the weight gain has nothing to do with smoking.

  9. beekiss said:

    I know that a lot people gain weight when they stop smoking. I think it’s because they don’t know what to do with their hands. I don’t smoke, but my dad was a chain-smoker most of his life. When he tried to stop, he lost about 50 lbs. He said that nothing tasted good, so it was hard for him to eat.
    Don’t stop smoking just so that you can gain weight. Stop smoking that you can add some years to your life! Stop smoking so that you won’t stink anymore! Stop smoking so that you’ll have some extra money in your pockets every week! Stop smoking because it’s killing you!!
    In the end, what difference is it going to make how much you weigh if you’re laying in a coffin 6 ft. under?

  10. Dulcinea del Toboso said:

    Yes. You should quit before it is too late. Right now my ex husband’s mother is dying form cancer because of cigarettes. my children are grieving and it is so sad. By the way she looks like a skeleton. Cigarettes have sucked up the poor woman. We tried to make her quit, but is was too late. 50 yrs of addiction took the toll. if you can, please quit.

  11. nicefriend said:

    Don’t worry , if you continue like that very soon you will be very light and fittest for going upwards!

  12. Krista said:

    i know it affects weight loss so there is a good chance it would affect weight gain. Smoking puts your body off balance in so many ways.

  13. lizardlover42000 said:

    no actually not smoking makes you gain weight cause you want to eat instead of smoke when your bored or upset.


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