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HELP! how do prevent weight gain when stopping smoking?

im trying again to stop smoking last time i stopped i put on 1 1/2 stone in 8 weeks i don’t want to go done that road again . any suggestions on how to keep my mind off food and cigs. i seem to want to replace cigs with food and as soon as i put on too much weight i start smoking again! its a vicious circle .PLEASE HELP!!!!

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6 Responses to “HELP! how do prevent weight gain when stopping smoking?”

  1. jojomabobo said :

    Try using carrot sticks as a replacement. You still have the hand to mouth routine, and you can change it by using celery, beans, or any other vegetable that can be cut to ciggie size.

  2. suprajuggalo said :

    chew gum when your craving instead of eating or really anything elswe but eat

  3. blueeyedgirl said :

    Well ALL models smoke! Have you ever been to any Fashion Week? One cant breathe there at all. Its the easiest short cut. Otherwise stop eating and drinking (except pure water) after 4pm.

  4. Monkey Fingers said :

    Carry a bottle of water at all times. It helps with the oral fixation

  5. Ellie said :

    You can try sugarfree chewing gum and nicarette gum as this will help to keep your mouth occupied and won’t add much to your food intake.
    You could also try carrot, celery, capsicum sticks with a nice healthy dip. This is a light healthy snack which will help keep you full. Also water is a good help too.

    Also exercise, go for a run or a walk for 30 mins around town or at a park. Trust me, afterwards you will feel great! and now that you have stopped smoking, you will be able to breathe while your exercising!!

    Good luck.

  6. Biceps said :

    smoke weed


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