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Loosing weight- stopping eating ?

Okey ive tryed to stop myself from eating cause the exercise and healthy eatings doing jack shit for me =/ if i stop eating completely how quickly will i loose weight. im 14, 15 stone and 5ft7 =/ bmi of 33.1 =/ i dont normallly eat sweet and crap, take out or anythign like that avoid fizzy drink normally i only have bottled water =/ Helpp please ?

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6 Responses to “Loosing weight- stopping eating ?”

  1. Octopus said :

    Exercise more, and eat healthier food such as vegetables, fruits, and yes, plain drinkable water.

  2. Coco said :

    You are not eating healthiny if you are consuming anything processed or with preservativer such as high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

  3. HereToHelp said :

    I did this a few years ago and it does work. I lost 3 stones in 2 months but i was ILL.
    It’s really not a good thing to do. You do need to eat something.
    I was living on painkillers, caffeine pills and diet pills and i was very unwell, tired and grumpy all the time and the headaches were shocking.
    Try counting calories, write everything you eat in a book/diary and see how you do.
    Don’t fall into the trap of excesive dieting it’s dangerous.

  4. perfectvelvet said :

    If you stop eating, your body will think you’re starving. You won’t lose; you’ll maintain. Then after your body decides to just die, you’ll lose weight — that’s called anorexia, and it’s definitely not healthy.

    How many calories are you consuming a day? How many do you burn working out? What kind of working out are you doing? Are you getting enough carbs, fats, and proteins?

    I’ve lost 40 pounds in 4.5 months, just eating better and exercising. It works perfectly well. Get checked for hypothyroidism, and if that’s not it, re-evaluate your “healthy” habits.

  5. Leavesonthelawn said :

    If you stop eating completely you die…of course you’ll lose weight but what’s the point if you’re going to die?

    Just carry on eating healthily. Cut out white carbs for 4 weeks at least (they’re quite addictive and make you bloated- change to brown carbs) , always try to avoid artificial sweeteners and cut out salt too.

    Aim to eat at least 2 portions of fruit a day BEFORE your main meal (vitamins absorb in the bloodstream better before you have your meal). Always eat some kind of VEG with main meals too….

    You seem to have a good diet in general anyway so you might just need to add 30 mins extra excersise a day…you can walk up stairs/ jog on the spot, go for a walk or do sit ups…

  6. ♠♥Jade ♦♣ said :

    If you stop eating you die.
    If you ‘starve yourself’ (eat practically nothing) you get weak, sick, and when you start eating again you pile back on the pounds.

    I’m 16 – I used to be 17 stone something (244lbs) and for the first two weeks dieting I felt like **** and nothing worked. Take out all sugary foods but have one cookie a day or something to avoid cravings, eat loads of fruit, veg and nuts and some lean meat, drinks water only not soda or anything and in eight months you can loose 55lbs which is what I’ve done. I’m now 188 lbs which is something like 13.5 stone in just over half a year and I did it the proper way.
    YOU CAN DO IT JUST DO IT RIGHT. Don’t starve.
    Exercise 1/2 an hour 5 days per week too.

    Good luck 😀


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