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loosing weight with health problems?

I’ve posted something similar twice and haven’t gotten very many responses, something I am desperate for.

I need to lose weight and get back into my size 1 pants to get a job as a model (again) to help put me through college.

I am being tested for Lupus and Anemia (similar symptoms) and I can’t do very much excercise without becomming exhausted fairly quickly.

I’l 5’6 and 116 lbs. I have a small frame. Meaning that though I may sound thin, it shows on me and I can’t get a job with the condition that my body is currently in. I wear a size 3 now and it’s quite snug. How can I get back into my size 1 quickly?
Cammie: I didn’t ask for an answer like yours. I CANT get a real job because I do have serious health problems and I have been in and out of hospitals since I was 16. Modeling is low stress and doesn’t require much effort or many hours of work for good money. Keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what you are talking about.

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2 Responses to “loosing weight with health problems?”

  1. Cammie said :

    The reason no one answers is because this is a silly question.

    You are asking for help in making yourself ill.Get a real job. There are people out there with serious health and weight problems.

  2. sweet tooth said :

    i think the safest way to go is to discuss it with your dr rather than depend on info from the internet because your physician has enough info about you and the expertise to tell you what’s wrong. maybe you need to get your thyroid function checked by a test known as TFT because when the thyroid is less active lack of thyroxine secretion you become tired quickly and gain weight, there are other symptoms as well and only your physician can decide what’s best for you.
    to lose weight you have to eat less and become more active
    i think you’re thin enough but maybe for a model you’re considered overweight.
    try eating more fruits and vegetables, eat more protein and fiber, and less of sugar rich foods ( including “natural ” sugar in honey, dates) and fat( switch from fried food to baked and boiled , as well as choose low fat or fat free versions of dairy products)
    you still need fat and cholestrol for your body as well as sugar but what is considered a normal diet has too much of it
    you can get fat from olive oil if you add it to your salad
    you can get enough carbs from high fiber foods and fruits and vegetables
    as for excercise try walking for 30 min a day and go by stairs instead of elevators as much as possible, try being active all the time
    even choosing to walk while talking on the phone burns calories
    if you can’t excercise for 30 min try walking ten min in the morning then ten mid day then ten at night , it all adds up
    good luck
    good sites that help :


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